Alex and Rosie, the main characters of the film 'Love, Rosie'(based on the known Cecelia Ahern's novel). They have been best friends since their childhood. They are being pushed around by their desires and teenage loves, until marriages, children and oceans drift them apart.

When we talk about love, about life or about good decisions these are the biggest enemies of each other. Rosie and Alex are always together when good or bad things happen, they stand together against adult's grim life and against the school.

While they send letters to each other they absolutely don't guess they are going to do the same in the following years of their life also.

An awkward turn when they are 18 years old, a missed opportunity and their's life go to a totally different direction. The destiny separates them from each other again and again tempting their friendship. Is this more than a friendship? Will they take the risk for the true love?

The first thirty minutes of the movie make us feel as if we were watching some overly-good photographed European teenage-movie. The early 2000's costumes, cars, mobile phones, computers and music are in their place, but somehow it slips. It's cheap and implausible. Is it because of the not-too-famous actors? What was an 18 years old girl like in 2003, if not like this?

Then we begin to recognize the probably well-written novel behind the movie.

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The jokes are pretty good, the story is lively. The fact that some kind of a source of light keeps flowing into the objective during the kissing scenes (disco ball, sunrise, sunset, things like that) doesn't make the whole thing kitschy in a "dear-John" or "suffer, you bastard, don't you see how hard it is for them?"- way.

Alex, of course, becomes more and more handsome as time goes by, Rosie still has perfect hair, whether she is a teenage girl or a woman with a young child.

Although not everything is pink, there's plenty of romance and it even feels lifelike at some points.

A relationship cannot be delayed all the time, what is inevitable cannot be avoided - that's what this tale is all about. Thanks to the potty humor-free animated situations, men accompanying their partner won't necessarily be bored either.

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