You can lie friends to yourself, that's gonna work until you need them to physically appear. In such cases, you can also rent them. Sounds good? Let's read my opinion about this funny comedy!

There are wedding comedies, there are renting comedies and there are those where you mix the two together. We saw numerous examples, but we can still laugh at the same jokes if we put them in a different order.

Ok, my first question was: can they show something new on this topic after the last couple of years? After doing some research on the net, I found out that the whole idea came to life in the early 2000's starring such stars as Owen Wilson or Vince Vaughn. So basically those actors who we saw in these type of movies then.

It would be a huge mistake to leave out the beloved loser type of character.

Doug Harris (Josh Gad) really has it all: a good job and a hot bride (Caley Cuoco-Sweeting). However, in the past this wasn't the case and because of this Doug Harris lacks in friends. With the wedding coming he needs to show something so he turns to Jimmy Calahan (Kevin Hart) who, of course, for good cash, acts to be his or anyone's best friend. He'll be the loudmouth black person in the story. But our hero exaggerated a bit by saying to his love, Gretchen, he has seven friends, so he needs to pay a lot, lot, lot more for a full service for Jimmy.

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The rented friends promise the most awesome stag party of all times and an unforgettable wedding. The fictional stories and the old memories start an avalanche and as a result, Gretchen get to know a different type of person in his loved one. In every comedian's life, there is a turning point where he or she realizes the audience can be entertained with clothes on. Danny DeVito is different, in his case, everything goes.

Kevin Hart is a good comedian, he is a bit like Chris Rock, but let's accept that he is unique and inimitable. This will be better for everyone.

So to sum up: no they can't show anything new, but they don't really even want to. And we can forgive this for a comedy, which features all of these Celebrities.

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