There is a Hotel in India, which is really famous. It's called the Marigold Hotel. The owners of it made a big decision: they wanted another Hotel where tourists can get to know the culture of India. This is how the second part of the Marigold Hotel movie was born in 2015 starring Richard Gere.

The 65-year-old Richard Gere doesn't follow the trends. Instead of killing people he moves in the Marigold Hotel.

Besides, what would the Dalai Lama have to say about that? Not only do we get a second movie, but the guests have outgrown the hotel as well.

How great of an idea it was to put the veteran British actors in a run-down Indian hotel. I know only a handful of people who didn't find it entertaining, but I have already unfriended them. The question is whether the same director, the same setting and almost the same actors can still show us anything new.

According to the filmmakers - and me as well - the answer is yes. Although the sequel focuses more on the wedding of Sonny (Dev Patel) and Sunaina (Tina Desai), the elderly guests of the hotel still enjoy their lives with the same enthusiasm, even though they could sit quietly for the rest of their lives

The already absent-minded and disorganized Sonny had a lot to do. Wedding or not, he decides it is time to improve the hotel and he is willing to go all the way to America to find investors.

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Not only does he constantly have to live up to the expectations of his strict mother, but a new rival also shows up in the form of the handsome and wealthy Kushal, who is supposed to teach the guests the dance choreography. To make matters in Jaipur even more complicated, an inspector is expected to arrive, as the investors would like to know what they are spending their money on. Suspicion falls on the new guest, Guy Chambers (Richard Gere), who claims to be a simple writer collecting material for his book.

The situation seems to be difficult, but the lovable Sonny is surrounded by helpful friends.

The preparation for the wedding and the ceremony itself is amazing on its own and the acting of the senior cast only makes it better. The actors bring even more life into the story with their memorable performances. Their presence underlines the moral of the story: big decisions can be made even at an advanced age, be it about work, money or love.

Besides, boring days in the ever-busy India are completely unimaginable.

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