According to the story, the gods of Underworld Xilbalba (Ron Perlman) and La Muerte (Kate del Castillo) bet on the outcome of a love triangle. Which mortal will win the girl's heart? Will it be Joaquin (Channing Tatum), the heroic defender of the city or her childhood friend, Manolo (Diego Luna), the bullfighter who wants to be a musician in spite of the family tradition?

One of the ghosts relegates Manolo to the world of the death.

At the beginning of the story, Manolo had to realize the place where he came not a wonderful place. The only way how he can see his girlfriend if he passes the tests.

It is not an ordinary animated film. The developing of the three characters has to be driven in a way that the audience will be familiar with the specific Mexican culture. It was particularly important for the producer, Guillermo del Toro (Pan's labyrinth, Hellboy) that the film keeps its Mexican style.

Although the film should tell the three friends story, the main character is Manolo, opposite him there are Maria (Zoe Saldana) and Joaquin, who get less noticed. This can be the reason that another film is in planning for the latter one.

The plot can be written with the word 'dense', so can the visual effects. The display of the overdecorated Hispanic Rococo holiday can be the best way toward the youth to talk and deal with such delicate matters as the death of our beloved ones.

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The voice actor of La Muerte (English: death) says about the holiday of his country: "we really respect death. We celebrate on All Souls' Day, we play nuptial/folk music and we eat and drink by the graves. It is not about crying but on the contrary."

The book of life is not the kind of Disney film with songs and sidekick characters encumbering the plot and where at the end we will know that death is a sad thing but with the help of friends we can overcome any obstacle.

Gutierrez's characters have to struggle problems that can be found in anyone such as not to be afraid of being yourself or if we really love someone we should not press our own feelings or expectations on him/her.

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