Oliver Nakache and Eric Toledano are the two well-known names in the movie-world. In the year 2011 they were introduced to the world together with the movie 'The Intouchables'. Since then I was waiting for the next movie from them, and here we go! In 2014, we got a masterpiece, and we also got the third piece of the great triangle in the cast with Omar Sy!

Samba Cissé (Omar Sy) is the main character of the movie, who migrated from Senegal 10 years ago.

He works as dishwasher in France at a Paris hotel. He tries to help his family by sending his little saved money to the ones who have stayed at home. When he gets expelled from the country, he doesn't immediately get a flight back home as a result of a strange law. Instead, he has to tide over one year as an identity-lost person sharing the fate of illegal workers and migrants. The Immigration Office assigned Alice (Charlotte Gainsbourg) to his case to help him.

Alice starts to have a strange affection toward the man and tries to help him with mixed feelings of sympathy and self-restraint, meanwhile Samba's charming personality slowly changes her own life.

First, let us see the positive things. I was a bit afraid that Omar Sy would bring the same joyful, always smiling, blusterous character as in 'The Intouchables', but fortunately, this wasn't the case.

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Samba's character is a stranger in Paris, and this time, his character is calmer and more balanced. The couple formed by him and Gainsbourg's character functions well, maybe the sympathy has emerged too quickly and could have been represented more subtle. The best parts of the film belong to Tahir Rahim, who is the real catalyst in this film. The most facetious scenes were written for his character and his mischievous charm finds a way to the viewer's hearts easily.

Unfortunately, apart from the above-mentioned things the film isn't really working. The writing-directing duo couldn't really commit themselves to a playward, romantic comedy as if they weren't hoping that it could work. As a result of this, numerous dramatic twists are put in the story which guide it sometimes to pointless parts. The eternal truth that 'sometimes less is more' is relevant in case of this film as well.

In this film, we have a partly funny, weightless romantic-like film that we might forget 10 minutes after having finished watching it.

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