It's never easy to stand up for what you believe in, especially if what you believe in could get you fired. That's just what Charmed and Planet Terror actress Rose McGowan did and, as mentioned, it got her fired.

Here's the story: On June 17, McGowan tweeted out a note that she had received along with a script for an upcoming Adam Sandler movie:

Notes: - Please make sure to read the attached script before coming in so you understand the context of the scenes. - Wardrobe Note: Black (or dark) form fitting tank that shows off cleavage (push up bras encouraged). And form fitting leggings or jeans.

Nothing white.

Regardless of whether you're a woman or not, that note is enough to ruffle anyone's feathers and is clearly emblematic of everything that's wrong with Hollywood. Anyone in McGowan's case would (and should) shine a light on that note in the hopes that things like this won't happen more in the future. McGowan's acting agents,

Sheila Wenzel and Steve Muller at Innovative Artists, apparently didn't feel the same way since McGowan tweeted again this morning:

"I just got fired by my wussy acting agent because I spoke up about the bullshit in Hollywood. Hahaha. #douchebags #awesome #BRINGIT"

It's unclear why she was fired at this time, whether it was because they didn't like that she made public a casting note or that she was simply speaking out against the status quo.

It's really anyone's guess at this point. Sexism in Hollywood is a prevailing problem even in our so-called evolved world of 2015 and it is made even worse when an actress is punished for calling shenanigans on the system.

One can only hope that this will spark something in other actresses (and actors, too) to start calling out the entrenched dogma of Hollywood.

Change only occurs when enough of the people involved start to be vocally unhappy with the way things are and that's what needs to start happening. The ACLU investigating Hollywood for gender inequality was a good first step towards. This has to be the second.

On a more positive note for Rose McGowan, however, at least she doesn't have to appear in an Adam Sandler film now.

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