Kim Kardashian is a known celebrity and best known for her show "The Kardashians." What many don't know is her struggle with fertility. Many people are under the misconception that celebrities are given a life of complete comfort and ease, and that they face little to no struggle like the average Joe. Unfortunately, for Mrs. Kardashian that couldn't be further from the truth.

Kim Kardashian has struggled with fertility since before the birth of her first child North West. She has spent countless hours and money on doctors who helped her with her struggle to get pregnant.

While she wanted a family and struggled to get them she admits that at one point admitted that she was exhausted. All the tests, ultra-sounds and so forth just ware you out. Sometimes you just want to give up and say you don't want to keep trying anymore.

The celebrity even goes on to admit that she also went as far as trying to implant an embryo and that it failed. At one point she even went through a medical procedure on her uterus to help her out. With Kim going through these all too familiar issues it makes her feel more real to others out there going through the same issues.

So many women face issues with fertility and when a celebrity goes through something relatable and makes them feel more human, and more real. Typically when they are in the news it's all about their money, what new trend they're imitating and so forth. However, when one faces a real issue that effects everyone no matter what their social or financial standing, it hits home.

Women are able to empathize with her because it is so common and such a big issue.

Luckily, for this young celebrity and mother of two she has a great support system. Her sister Khloe Kardashian was there by her side when Kim revealed she was pregnant for the second time and was her confidant through her struggles. If she wasn't luckily enough for that her husband, singer Kanye West has been a constant support to her. Through it all he has encouraged her that everyone goes through these types of struggles, and that sometimes it will take a few times to get the job done and of course that trying is half the fun.

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