We have already been given chills by the first images of Jared Leto's 'The Joker', released by Warner Bros last month. The image of the endogenously pretty, actor and rock star plays up the psychotic nature of the character, hard. With slicked, trademark green hair, asylum cell, scrawling tattoos and a sleazy gold grill, this is the most fearsome portrayal of Joker we have seen from the Batman universe to date.

Leto has large shoes to fill, following the likes of Jack Nicholson (Batman 1989) and the late Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight 2008), who posthumously won the academy award for Best Supporting Actor for his role. The Nicholson version was a loony caricature, Ledger's schizophrenic clown more twisted and derelict. This Suicide Squad offering appears to be a more frenetically terrifying Joker, giving Leto a different element to work with and troll his co-stars with apparently.

Leto also has a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award under his belt for Dallas Buyers club, a role for which he showed his willing to transform for his characters. His other life as a rock star front-man in 30 Seconds to Mars displays the actors penchant for costume and the macabre. Taking on the iconic Joker, he clearly felt it necessary to prove his worth and commitment to the role. After early absence from the Toronto shoot 'the Joker' sent fittingly creepy gifts to his co-stars.

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Adam Beach (Slipknot in the movie) described to E! News how Margo Robbie (Harley Quinn) received a love letter, attached to a box, containing a live black rat, Will Smith (Deadshot) got some bullets and the entire cast was sent a video message apologizing for his absence and a dead hog! The message was recorded in character, Leto gleefully showing his fervor for his role and cementing his intended contribution to the project.

This kind of prank-ish on set behavior is not uncommon for actors having fun whilst creating a movie, nor is it unfitting for the Joker to send his fellow super villains creepy presents. There is just something about this gesture that reeks of begging for approval. There has always been an essence of this to Leto, who until last year, hadn't had his breakout success role to propel his career and prove his talent as a serious actor, rather than a personality, a rock star dabbling in film.

The method acting underlines this theory of approval seeking, what better way to show your seriousness to the craft. With Suicide Squad, Leto has been given the opportunity to stamp his perspective on a comic book, iconic character that will no doubt polarize fans of the franchise and increase his notoriety. Perhaps this will lead to offers for bigger roles of leading man caliber. Time will tell.

Suicide Squad features the premise of a team of super villains working for the government as a chance of redemption, Batman is also rumored to cameo.

The Warner Bros film is being Directed by David Ayer and is set for release on the 16th of August 2016.

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