Cooper (Reese Witherspoon) never wanted to be a princess, if she had ever played with dolls she did it in order to arrest them. She spent her childhood in the back seat of her father's squad car, so she left no chance for the counselor, she was born to be a cop. As usual, the by-the-book, overanxious police officer has her luck. She got an important assignment, she has to escort Daniella Riva (Sofía Vergara), who is the wife of a crown witness of a trial against an infamous drug kingpin, Vincente Cortez (Joaquín Cosio).

However, the drug cartel and the crooked cops want to see the woman and her husband dead, that is why Cooper finds herself in the middle of gunshots at the Riva home. She realizes that she may not trust anyone. Daniella has a great desire to live, but she does not want to attend the trial with the awfully pedant policewoman on her side. Cooper wants to succeed her task, but this is difficult as Daniella has a really big mouth and tries to escape all the time.

After some time they realize that they have a bigger chance to shake off their chasers together.

David Feeney and John Quaintance are well-known for girly movies as screenwriters, Anne Fletcher is the director of weak average movies. The well-known boring humor used in a different order opposite from the previous ones could save a movie and honestly I have to admit I laughed. It does not matter whether a movie rich in twists and turns but all are highly predictable or there is only one in it but that make your chin fall off.

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This time I did not realize and I laughed again.

The jokes on the age of the 42 years old Sofia Vergara and the height of Reese Witherspoon, who is 158 centimetres, are regularly occuring in the movie which I found really funny. So here is a movie, which was not taken seriously even by the movie makers, because some of them did not want to, the others were incapable of that. Those who would like to see a comedy of good quality, they might be disappointed, but I do not know how many times I mentioned it, I laughed a lot, there can be a debate on whether it is enough for a good movie?

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