After a few years of absence, Dominic Torreto and his „family” get back together and join forces to try and catch the British ex-agent Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), who, as a revenge for his brother, sent the not-so-fragile Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) to the hospital, and blew up the house of Brian O’Conner who has been back on the right track.

Since life is not an easy pie and a former British secret agent is not easy to track down and catch, firstly the team needs the hacker who has created a program for hacking all the sound recorder and motion capture devices, making any person traceable in just a few minutes.

There begins the usual chase. Out of one hour and twenty minutes, long movie, sixty minutes are taken up by scenes with women body curves, cars, weapons and muscles, backgrounded by some hardcore music, while the rest of the movie is filled with painful puns or wise life advice. If stating about women that they constantly talk about diets, men and shoes is insulting, then I don’t understand why don’t the members of the stronger sex claim that the male brain is not just about the things above.

Apart from this, the movie turned out to be surprisingly entertaining. It is quite amazing how the team flies with ten-ton cars down mountains and through towers. The camera movement is quite vertiginous. If the movie had been made in 3D, the viewers with weaker stomach would have left the room early.

As I found out from my favorite informant, the story also leaves some lingering questions, as cars destroyed in previous parts appear whole, etc., but this strongly tends towards a spoiler, plus it didn’t take away the entertainment. Firstly, I ranked the movie for a solid five, but finally, out of respect for Paul Walker and the staff (who insisted on „Paul’s presence”, his absence was replaced by his brother whose face was transformed with the help of CGI), and because there has been movie during which I suffered more, I gave a six. By the way it is still my favorite serial of the catch 'n' run movies.

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