Everybody knows the Grimm Brother's story, but the 1950's Disney animation is based more on Charles Perrault's tale. This user-friendly version lacks the heel truncate part with all the horror scenes, but, on the other hand, there are pumpkin chariot and fairy godmother instead.

There are too many live-action Disney adaptations nowadays, that's why it is so striking that Kenneth Branagh, who always dares to dream big, is scarcely off the track this time. On this occasion, we are not given a different Cinderella by the British director imbibed Shakespeare from his infancy.

I think what actually happened is that this Disney subject hit him, I therefore do not understand why do we have to face this just now. Both, us and he. Traditionalism can be caught out, but I liked chiefly the movie because those things are absent that irritates me while watching a Disney.

The story is familiar, but delightful, the characters are charming but not vacuous, the garnishment is spectacular, but not slushy and sure there are music and singing but not in an intrusive way. I had a bit of a problem with the bushy brows protagonists (Lily James and Richard Madden), I do not really envy their future child.

Kenneth Branagh handles the story with classy elegance, and it was consummated by not the acting of the leading characters, but the role of the wicked stepmother played by Cate Blanchett and of the fairy godmother acted by Helena Bonham Carter. It seems as if the whole unfolds through the former's motivation. She has lost two husbands in quick succession, there's no one to support her, and to top it all off she has to move to the countryside.

She is forced to part with the auxiliary staff, she must find suitable husbands for her daughters neither too smart nor too pretty. At this stage, no one should be surprised that she releases her frustration on Cinderella, whom she has actually nothing to do with, and over and above the stepdaughter is both pretty and smart.

The movie is recommended for everybody over the specified age, but we should only take well-behaved school kids because of the two-hour-long running time.

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