Bring back the feeling of your childhood! Turn on the TV and watch the best programs! At first sight it looks like these are for children, but these cartoons are not for kids. Grown-up situation, violence, sex, obscure pop-culture references and blue humor. All of these with not real actors...

1. Rick and Morty

This show has a little something for everybody. A family show at heart (what's more endearing than an alcoholic grandfather and his impressionable grandson?), Rick and Morty deals with everyday family life as well as intergalactic space travel.

This might just be the cartoon you've been looking for.

2. Adventure Time

A colorful and cutely-drawn cartoon about a boy and his adopted brother, a talking dog, in a post-apocalyptic world where magic exists. Rooted heavily in Dungeons and Dragons, this successful show has launched a million cosplay costumes.

3. Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Take an old Hanna Barbera superhero and turn him into a not so bright late night television show host.

Space Ghost, along with the ultra-stupid Brak and the deliciously evil Zorak, actually interview real celebrities with ignorant questions.

4. Daria

A show about a disillusioned teen in suburbia with a witty, dark sense of humor. What I loved about this series is how apathetic, moronic and/or self-absorbed all the secondary characters were. I also found Daria's friendship with Jane to be one of the best on television: two girls who are different, but compliment and support each other and work through their issues by communicating.

5. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

It's hard to summarize ATHF because it's just nonsense and insanity. There's an anthropomorphic cup (Master Shake, the jerk), sleeve of french fries (Frylock, the brains) and ball of raw meat (Meatwad, the dumb one). Oh, and stereotypical middle aged New Jersey man (Carl, a dumb jerk). Watch as they annoy each other and argue with weird monsters like MC Pee Pants, a rapping demon from hell who wears a diaper and a shower cap.

There is rarely a resolution and each episode abruptly ends.

6. King of the Hill

King of the Hill could have easily been a live-action sitcom. Hank Hill is an overly conservative, uptight, devoted family man. His wife Peggy has an ego bigger than her feet (size 16) and their kooky overweight son wants nothing more than to be an entertainer. Hank is constantly offended, but always does the right thing.

The premise sounds boring, but the storylines and jokes gives us the lullz.

One of my favorites: An entire episode is premised around Hank's constipation.

Hank: "I'll have some skirt steak, some brisket, a little piece of that New York steak, a couple of them steak fingers, and a burger."

Peggy: "Oh, Hank, please, have at least one veggie."

Hank: "Oh, all right. Put some of that macaroni and cheese on there, too."

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