"Stop playing small ball."

The words of Spencers' happy-go-lucky, friendly, and oft-awkward boss Joe (Rob Corddry) take on a surprisingly serious tone as episode two kicks off. Spencer, who'd just loaned near-broke all-star talent Vernon Littlefield (Donovan W. Carter) 300k out of his own bank account in the previous episode (in the hope that Littlefield would hire him as his financial manager) is now feeling the pressure to close the deal in crunch time.

Though Spencer may have been a closer in his time on the field, he's finding it much more difficult to do so off the field.

The biggest obstacle standing between Spencer and signing Vernon Littlefield is Littlefields' hometown entourage (who he'd brought with him when he'd first made it big, and who are now bleeding him dry financially). Of that group, Reggie (London Brown) is Spencers' greatest opposition, undermining Spence at every turn and trying to prevent him from "poaching" Littlefield, whisking him away (and taking the money with him). 

As for controversial star player Ricky Jerret (John David Washington), he's going through his own struggles as he makes his way to the Miami Dolphins' practice field to meet his new team.

Unlike the Florida weather, however, Jerret finds his welcome less than warm. Prior to leaving for practice, Jerrets' girlfriend grills him about not repeating past mistakes (particularly with other women) and then gives him a gold chain with the #18 hanging from it (his jersey number), which she nonchalantly tells him she bought with his own money.

Things seem to go from bad to worse for Jerret, as the top dog of his new team is the wearer of his prized #18, and, to add insult to injury, Jerret is relegated to being a nobody on the field, with only the water boy giving him the time of day.

Jerret goes so far as to offer 40k straight up for the number (and is swiftly rejected). Being on the outside looking in, and being so far removed from his new teams' clique, it'll be interesting to see how Jerret finds his footing in the weeks to come. 

In the life of former-football-pro-turned-car-salesman Charles Greane (Omar Benson Miller), even though he's quickly picking up the tools of the car sales trade, there's a part of him that clearly regrets no longer being on the field.

Whether it was because of injury or because of his wife urging him to hang it up, we don't yet know, but Greane isn't the only one that thinks he retired too soon. He gets a repeat visitor at the dealership named Larry (Dule Hill) who works with the Dolphins organization, and, while Larry is in the market for a new ride, both men know that that's not the only reason for the visit. Larry probes Greane, asking him about his early retirement, and whether or not he thinks he can play another 1-2 years if he got back in shape.

Greane plays coy with Larry, and mentions starting a family and how he's happy with his life and where he is (as though trying to convince himself as much as Larry). Both men leave the dealership unconvinced, hinting at a possible return to the gridiron for Greane down the line.

The closing sequence finds Spencer and Joe sitting down with Littlefield and his entourage for a meal. Once again, Spence finds Reggie there to undermine him at every turn.

Tension slowly builds as the chess match for Littlefields' attention continues under the radar (alongside jokes and pleasantries). 

With his livelihood on the line, Spence goes for the Hail Mary play, walking up to Littlefield and telling him straight that they've got business to discuss -- Reggie be damned. With his momentum carrying him, Spence pulls no punches and sugarcoats nothing as he lays it all out for Vernon:

"You can't keep letting your crew spill what's left of your cash all over town, I know they're your boys, but when you left Crenshaw, this is exactly what you were looking to escape. They're bleeding you dry, there are never enough pieces to go around. Take care of you first."

With that, Littlefield signs, and Spencer takes the Hail Mary all the way to the end zone -- proving to both Joe (and himself) that Spencer Strasmore's still got game.

Catch an all-new episode Sunday at 10 PM on HBO.

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