"Legends don't retire...they reinvent."

For their latest Pilot "Ballers," HBO takes the quote in stride as they aim to re-imagine the Sports-themed genre. Following the everyday comings and goings of fictional former gridiron great Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) as he navigates the uncertain terrain of life after retirement, "Ballers" gives viewers a candid, behind-the-scenes look at life in the NFL fast lane.

Set in the vibrant and bustling city of Miami, the half-hour Dramedy is quick to cut to the chase: the "Ballers" world is as much about life on the field as it is off (and it's "in the pocket" of these two worlds that the show finds its niche).

Imagine this scenario: if you take the behind-the-scenes/raunchy comedic approach of "Entourage" and combine it with the drama/heart of "Friday Night Lights"(while keeping the TV-MA rating of the former), you'll get "Ballers." Keeping the above description in mind, it should come as no surprise that Steve Levinson ("Entourage") is at the helm, along with Mark Wahlberg ("Entourage") and Peter Berg ("Friday Night Lights," "Lone Survivor").

For this pilot episode, Berg appears in front of the camera, as well as assuming directorial duties behind it (a kind of trademark that fans of his work will appreciate).

As the reigning go-to action star in Hollywood, it's a welcome change of pace to see Johnson "tackle" the realm of primetime television, and, even though this move sees him go from Blockbuster box office to small screen, there's nothing "small" about his performance.

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Through his charismatic charm and driven demeanor, Johnson lends an air of believability to his portrayal of Strasmore, and even though we're first introduced to Strasmore at a time in his life when his gridiron glory days are behind him, you get a sense that Strasmore is a go-getter, and that he won't be down on his luck for long (a character trait that both character and actor share).

Without getting into spoiler territory, (for those that have yet to see the episode), "Ballers" encompasses all the glitz, glam, and grandiosity that comes with sports stardom.

Whether it's the jewelry, the fast cars, the V.I.P. access, or the gorgeous women that that kind of lifestyle attracts, there's certainly more than enough intrigue, humor, and skin to peak the interest of potential viewers, and, with this team assembled (both in front of and behind the cameras), "Ballers" is your ticket to the big game of life. Will you play the game, or let the game play you?

Catch all-new episodes Sundays at 10 PM on HBO. 

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