Mad Max: Fury Road is the continuation of the Mad Max saga. Chronologically it is unclear when it takes place or how it relates to the other films. These are questions you will find yourself curious about when the film begins. A testament to the strength of this film is that within five minutes, you will no longer care.

The film stars Charlize Theron as Furiosa, a strong but disillusioned woman who breaks away from her group and its cruel leader to try and find her original homeland. Theron gives an impressive performance in a role that only allows for a few scenes of pure character development.


She is wounded, physically and emotionally, and communicates this through body language during the film's few quiet moments.

Tom Hardy plays the film's namesake. He gives a subdued performance. Effective as Mad Max but surprisingly unimportant to the events that occur. He is essentially swept up by the action and is along for the ride.

The film is directed with impeccable vision and discipline by George Miller, who is the film's true star. Director of all the Mad Max films, here he creates a vivid world of gruesome incandescence.

Simultaneously grim and gleeful. The film is absurd in premise but maintains a level of plausibility that seems impossible if the events in the film were to be described. The movie suspends disbelief as well as any movie I've ever seen, teetering on the brink between believability and ridiculousness, never veering too far in one direction to where the other is left behind.

The film's pacing is especially impressive. Never losing focus and never feeling glutenous despite the fact that it's essentially one long spectacular action sequence.

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And more importantly, not forgetting the human element of the narrative while also letting loose some of the greatest action scenes ever filmed. The cliché statement that a film is a roller coaster ride is overdone, but more than any film before it, Mad Max: Fury Road feels like something out of an amusement park.

The soundtrack is catchy and fitting. Matching the intensity on screen with bombastic percussions combined with weeping symphonic sounds which perfectly mirror the film's conflicted mood.

Mad Max: Fury Road is a blistering fever dream of a film. Pounding, violent, celebratory. A love letter to extreme action. An epic and constant crescendo of vulgar imagination and unrelenting mayhem. The R-rated action film seems a dying genre, this film single-handedly seems prepared to revive it.