Bruce Jenner recently declared that he has transitioned to being awoman during an ABC News report hosted by Diane Sawyer. Only a couple of daysafter his shocking admission, controversialphotos of him in a dress were leaked and broadcasted by the New York Daily Newsand CNN. As a result of this alleged intrusion of privacy, Bruce Jennerthreatens to sue the media that showed the photos as they were seeminglyobtained through illegal means.

These illegally obtained photos were taken on April 21st whenBruce Jenner was spotted outside of his Malibu house wearing a dress. Only aday after, the Daily News publishedthese photos and CNN also broadcast themto the public.

After noticing the paparazzi parked outside his house, Jennerimmediately alerted the police.

As a result, the photos were removed from both the Daily News andCNN websites. The distributor of these photos, the agency X-17, was also forced to stop selling the photos because they wereconfirmed to have been obtained illegally.

Despite the photos being pulled from the media, Jenner's attorneyMarty Signer declared that they will still pursue legal action over the photos. It was confirmed that they were takenusing a telephoto lens, enabling the photographer to keep a mile away distance,thus intruding in the star's personal life and not respecting his right to haveprivacy.

"The photos were clearly unlawfully taken from a very longdistance using an enhancement device.

Bruce Jenner is going to enforce hisright to privacy," Marty singer declared for The Post.

The interview regarding the star's transition aired on Fridaynight. Bruce Jenner, aged 65, told Diane Sawyer, "For all intents andpurposes, I'm a woman.” causing a lot of buzz and controversy, not just in themedia, but also in the "Keeping up with the Kardashians" fan base.

Fans were shocked by the news regardingtheir favorite star. Despite his decision to become a woman, Bruce Jenner stillwishes to be referred to using male pronouns and a series about his transitionhosted by E! Network is already scheduled. 

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