Several mangas are being released annually. Unfortunately, most of them are suffering from boring characters, incoherent stories, and plot holes. “The Promised Neverland” is a breath of fresh air. It is a mixture of “HunterXHunter”, “DeathNote”, and “Shingeki no Kyojin”, set in the “Neverland”. In case you’ve been dying to read something new, you might want to read this manga review first.

A short breakdown of ‘The Promised Neverland’

With regards to the first volume of “The Promised Neverland [VIDEO]”, the creation of plot and story is genius. The way it laid out its premise is outstanding. It perfectly established the antagonist, set-up and the focus of the story.

The mangaka has flawlessly outlined the stakes and the immense difficulty of the protagonist task. The story moves at a fast pace that prevents it from being boring. The battle of mind is so intense which will remind you of “Death Note” (Characters trying to devise plan without giving a slight hint to their enemies).

Without giving away too much detail, let us focus this section on those amazing characters. First would be Emma, she is the narrator of ‘The Promised Neverland”. She is a caring, happy, and lively girl who prioritizes the safety of her family in the orphanage. It is beautiful to see how she tries her best even if things are not in her favor.

Compared to the reaction of Emma when they found out the secret of the orphanage, Norman and Ray seem to be cool-headed. Ray made sure that he will not crack under pressure and will always think the logical solution.

It seems that he has too much trust in his ability to strategize. This shows how he reacts when things don’t go the way he planned it. Combine the likable traits of Emma and Ray and you will have Norman. His capacity to create a plan to escape is exceptional. He is optimistic and dedicated. Put these three characters in a tense world and you have “The Promised Neverland.

Let us not forget our antagonists since they are meant to spice things a bit. You will surely hate Sister Krone and Isabella (Mom). While the monsters in ‘The Promised Neverland’ are threatening, they surely do not measure to the wickedness of these two. Mom is an intelligent and creative strategist. She knows how their mind works since she witnessed the growth and development of the kids. It is just too frightening to go against someone who understands you. Sister Krone was introduced during the latter part of the first volume. She serves as an assistant to prevent any escape. However, she also has a plan of her own.

She is willing to stop at nothing to achieve her goal.

Final verdict: It deserves an anime adaptation

The obsession of the writer to touch on even the smallest details can be seen negatively by the other readers. The writer made sure that every move of the character is within their logic. Plots are also explained impeccably. The behavior and motivation of each character is within reasonable grounds. The heavy dialogue of the manga will remind you of “Hunter X Hunter”. Characters are designed uniquely and the artist has done an amazing job in capturing the emotion of the characters.

The Promised Neverland” is without a doubt, one of the strongest debuts of Viz Media. The unique tale of the series will capture the heart of the manga fans. It gives you a lot of things to digest. If you are searching for a story withan intense and good tale, this is definitely for you.