#Dragon Ball Super” continues to give us something to talk about as well as some incredible surprises. There’s little time left for the great Tournament of Power to end, and every day, more Universes are being eliminated from the competition, which has been a tough fight. All the warriors have shown to be good competitors and have managed to be the winners of this Tournament, which has been one of the best of this series.

One of the moments [VIDEO] that is considered to be one of the most exciting in this series, was when the activation of the #Ultra #Instinct was made for the first time, and this happened when Goku was fighting against Jiren.

And now that the great finale of this tournament is coming, we might watch this technique being executed once again since everything is indicating us that the warriors will start to give it all in order to get to the finale and win.

'DBS' spoilers

Apparently, many fans have been discussing the possible episode name for Chapter 124 of "Dragon Ball Super. [VIDEO]" Some believe that the chapter has already been named although it hasn't been revealed yet. Based on a few clues given to "DBS" fans via social media, it looks like chapter 124 will be titled “Full Body, Spirit, and Power Unleashed.” So we see a title that attracts a lot of attention, and most likely will be another excellent chapter like the ones we are used to watching.

Many of the different social network users have related it to the title of episode 122, which is: "Risking His Pride, Vegeta Challenges the Strongest."

The duel between Jiren and the Saiya Jins

There is a great chance that this episode of "Dragon Ball Super" will have fans watching a beautiful duel between Jiren and the Saiya Jins.

If not in chapter 124, then it will come soon after.

So we’re not going to have to wait much longer for that. However, the fans have been wondering if Vegeta will be the next warrior that can attain the Ultra Instinct, or if at all Son Goku will be the one who continues using this technique and the only owner of it. Ultra Instinct allows having a great display of power, so probably not many will be able to use this technique.

Goku, until now, has been the only warrior capable of using it; let’s wait for the progress of this Tournament to find out if there will be another warrior capable of using it or if this is a technique that can be used only by Son Goku, the one considered to be the best warrior of “Dragon Ball."

How will the Tournament of Power end? Tune in the "Dragon Ball Super" to find out.