#Goku and Jiren's [VIDEO]battle will be happening soon. While other fans are excited about the fight itself, Goku fans are more excited for his new form. Some viewers believe that Goku's rage will be the catalyst of his Limit Breaker form. Some theories claim that he will get this new form by absorbing the energy of #Spirit Bomb. But there is no way he would be firing it out and bring the hell down to Jiren.

Why Goku will not fire the Spirit Bomb on Jiren

The Spirit Bomb is Goku's last resort when an enemy is just too powerful. He is the only one who can do it among the Z warriors [VIDEO] and other Saiyans. Only the pure-hearted persons can wield the Genki Dama.

And because of this, pure-hearted opponents will also be unaffected by the Spirit Bomb. It will be somewhat hard for Goku to destroy Pride Troopers using his best attack. The Pride Troopers hates evil and is living under their philosophy that evil should be destroyed in the Universe. Simply put, the Spirit Bomb will not work on Jiren, unless he is not a pure hearted individual who is unlikely since he is the member of Pride Troopers.

Will Goku be able to absorb the Spirit Bomb?

Goku was not able to use the Spirit Bomb in his Super Saiyan form before. But he did absorb the energy while in his Super Saiyan state against Android 13. The reason for this is that first Super Saiyan transformations depend on rage. You can't have a peace of mind and a pure heart when you're under a blinding rage.

However, in Super Saiyan Blue, he both acquired power and tranquility as well as the ability to use God Ki. He might be able to use the power and make a massive power up just like Trunks did against Fused Zamasu. It is also believed that the power of his Limit Breaker transformation will be from the Spirit Bomb that he will be producing.

Problems Goku might encounter

First of all, how would Goku gather enough energy to make a Spirit Bomb? As far as we know, the tournament is currently held in the world of the void. It is not certain if he can gather any energy from Universe 7 or if he can contact them at all. Beerus and the Kais can help, but it is uncertain if a God Ki can be turned into a Genki Dama. The two Zenos will not help Goku, of course.

Second, the best place for him to gather energy is by floating in the air. By floating in the air, he will be able to see his enemies' movement below, which will be helpful if he needs to hide. But being in a battle royale, he will be open to any attacks. And it is not expected that the whole Universe 7 team will be able to protect him.

And lastly, a sudden power-up via massive amount of energy might not be good for Goku. He can utilize God Ki, but there is no way his mortal body can hold an enormous amount of power. He might die in the Tournament of Power, for all we know. #Dragon Ball Super