Saitama and Goku's power is hard to scale. The reason is that they are not from the same Anime and they don't use the same kind of energy (I bet all my gold that #saitama doesn't have any idea what a Ki is and how to use it). We can't compare the power level or the hero rank or whatsoever. But, let's try it anyway.

The Dragon Ball and OPM Universes

In the "Dragon Ball" Universe, there are Dragon Balls that grants three wishes. When Goku and his friends mess up, they can undo the debacle by wishing to #The Dragon Balls. There are still monsters and such, but in all honesty, humans are the biggest nuisance to each other. When it comes to the OPM universe, there are streams of monster attacks everywhere, and that led people to form the Heroes Association.

Some places are safer than the other, and alphabet names the cities.

The biggest difference in the two universes though is the absence of Ki in the OPM's Earth. Heroes use an advanced form of martial arts or technology or psychic ability to fight. Lord Boros is an exception as he can fire energy blasts that look like Kamehamehas with his latent power.


There are various transformations in #Dragon Ball Universe. The Saiyans already conquered the three primary colors for their Super Saiyan transformations. These transformations are power-ups and boost for the person doing it, and this is the essential factor why viewers can't resist watching the show. Transformations aren't exclusive with the protagonists only because villains can also transform into a more powerful version.

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In the OPM universe, there are still transformations, such as Lord Boros' Meteoric Burst. But they are not THAT intense when compared to the transformations in DB. It is safe to say that Saitama is in his final form after his limit has been broken. It is almost the same as Gohan's mystic form, but Gohan's mystic form can still be improved.

So...what now?

The place of the battle will significantly affect the outcome. For example, if the fight between Saitama and Goku will happen in the OPM universe, Goku will have a lot of disadvantages. All of his transformations and attacks depend on his usage of Ki. So he will need to fight Saitama with physical assault, in which are not effective against the Caped Baldy.

When the fight would happen in the DB Universe, Goku can try all of his forms against Saitama. He will surely gain another form or two because this is a major battle. Goku also has a lot of superhuman powers, and he can destroy planets as quickly as eating. He is as powerful as a God, but Saitama is tough as a God too.

But it all boils down to the enemies

When you scale DBZ enemies in each saga, enemies are likely in the disaster level: God. Even the Saiyan Saga Vegeta could wipe out humanity. All the enemies from DBZ are stronger than the enemies in OPM. When this is the basis of the fight, Goku will win. It is not even sure if Saitama could lay a finger on Goku when he is in his God form.

Though you can't tell, who will win at this time. We have seen Goku go all out in every major battle, but Saitama has yet to display his real powers.