Julian Edelman has likely played his last game as a member of the New England Patriots. They could cut him at any time, and it is likely that they would do so considering they have no allegiance to anyone who is not named Tom Brady. There are many reasons to let him go since the Patriots could turn anyone they find on the side of the road into an All-Pro. The receiving corps for the Patriots is such that Tom Brady will solve the problem for himself by throwing to only the people who can give him the best chance of success.

The Patriots need him

I believe the Patriots could be persuaded to admit that they would prefer to have Edelman on the roster.

He is an amazing receiver who has been more than adequate for a Patriots offense that rarely has elite weapons. They would score more if he was a part of their team, but it is important to remember that they made him into the player that he is. We cannot guarantee he would be better in another location, and he may need Tom Brady for help. Someone who has concerns about the Patriots offense will not have their questions answered until the season ends. We will see the full potential of their offense after they have had a full season to deal with this loss.

They will replace him

The Patriots will replace Edelman with someone who will do the same job with the same amount of skill. That person will catch for over 1000 yards this season, and they will have 5-10 receptions.

Someone who wishes to take their chance as a Patriots receiver should step up now. I would like to see another no-name player have their chance to be a star. I am admittedly not a fan of the Patriots, but I cannot deny that they could change the life of some player who has not yet been discovered.

The Patriots are still favorites

The Patriots are still favorites to win the Super Bowl this season — they are a strong contender considering their division is terrible. They will win the AFC East without even trying and they will play the Raiders in the AFC title game. It is important for the Patriots to stay the course and I believe that will be done because they have maintained their culture all this time.

Fifteen years of success says a lot about the way the Patriots are run. Jokes about picking up a guy on the side of the road are accurate considering how they fill their roster. I could become an elite receiver in their system and I hope that someone like me gets that chance when the time comes to kick off the season.