'Yuri on Ice' has taken the anime industry by storm since it was released. When most people think of the anime, two things could easily come to mind: ice skating and the intimate relationship between two men. The show wasn't afraid to tackle major issues and is iconic for its #LGBT representation. While they may drive those who don't like romance anime away, the show contains so much more love than that shared between two people.

It may be true that the LGBT factor may have helped spike the anime's reputation, '#Yuri On Ice' manages to tell a meaningful, yet simplistic story revolving around love, friendship, passion, and dreams all packaged in a short span of 12 episodes.

Many fans fell in love with #Yuuri Katsuki and shared his personal struggles and fears when he competed in ice skating. With that being said, here are some major reasons why the anime is more than its common label as a "gay" anime.

Love beyond boundaries

'Yuri on Ice' protagonist Yuuri Katsuki shared a very special bond with his coach, Viktor Nikiforov, which was one major factor to why he decided to pursue his passion and compete in ice skating once again. However, Viktor wasn't the only driving force behind his actions. Yuuri picked "love" as his theme for the competition not only for his coach but also for the people who supported him. Upon returning back to Japan in the first episode, Yuuri was greeted by the love of his friends and family instead of being shunned and treated as a disappointment to his country.

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ComicsVerse states that one of his friends even films him as he is skating which led to Viktor finding him in Japan and offering to be his coach.

A special connection

In line with the previous point, fans find it easy to relate to the 'Yuri on Ice' protagonist because we have also been in his situation at one point. As per The Daily Dot, the show also delves into Yuuri's fears, self-doubt, and anxiety as an athlete. There has come a time when we've all felt like we've hit rock bottom in any aspect of our lives. While we might have made the personal choice to turn things around, most of us have gained some much-needed support from out loved ones, similar to how Yuuri was also inspired by those closest to him after he lost the previous competition.

Perseverance and hope

According to The Verge, Yuuri might be considered a "pro skater," but he is actually quite mediocre when compared to his competitors. With Viktor on his side as his coach, Yuuri still only had his same skills to work with.

Even so, he never gave up hope and continued to pour his heart and soul into his practices. Despite the odds stacked against him with his previous loss and talented competition, Yuuri still clung to the hope that he would win and managed to make it to the finals.

'Yuri on Ice' is praised for its portrayal of LGBT despite several nitpicks but it goes to show is simply more than just a "gay" anime. Nevertheless, the bond between Yuuri and Viktor is special and helped spur the protagonist to give his passion another chance.