Before starting, I just want to clarify that this is just a mere opinion, and not something to take seriously. Viewers (must have) loved the #Great Saiyaman together with the Ginyu Force and preferred #The Great Saiyaman to be with them. But there's a reason why Gohan's super hero alter ego is a match made in heaven with Universe 11's Pride Troopers.

Err what? The Great Saiyaman?

For those who had no chance to watch this arc of "Dragon Ball Z" or those who started with "#Dragon Ball Super," Gohan used to have an alter ego that he call "The Great Saiyaman." This arc is more of a filler arc, but for most of the fans, this is where Gohan's badass image went down.

The Great Saiyaman is a hero wearing a long Green Gi top, black pants, Vegeta's boots, and a red cape. To add insult to the injury, he also sports an orange helmet with two antennas and a black belt with a yellow circle buckle. For additional information, there used to be his partner, The Great Saiyawoman (and guess what? she's Videl). Luckily, Pan from GT seems to hate that get up; we wouldn't see something like The Great Saiyankid in the future.

The Saiyaman's greatest feats are fighting against hostage takers, robbers, and caught a falling bus before it hit the ground after a nasty fall off a cliff. No Frieza-like enemies or something like that, well if we will not include the Majin moments. Gohan was just acting funny and striking weird poses.

The Ginyu Force

Ginyu Force introduced strange poses and funny intros before a battle in the Frieza Saga.

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You might have loved them or hated them because of those weird poses, but it is impossible to not laugh at them for once. There is a fan theory that Gohan was affected, or in a better term, "traumatized" by the happenings way back on Planet Namek. And not to forget that Gohan went through a lot of struggles in his childhood. It is a popular theory that it is Gohan's way of dealing with his trauma.

The Pride Troopers

The only thing that Ginyu Force and Pride Troopers were similar in a way is their striking poses. While the Ginyu Force has a red and orange stripe background, the Pride Troopers uses smoke bombs. And while Ginyu Force fights because of Frieza, the Pride Troopers are fighting for peace and eliminates evil.

Gohan is fit for the Pride Troopers. Since he is "the man with the plan to uplift the good and rule out the bad." The Pride Troopers also shares the same goal as Gohan, to eliminate all the evil, at least in their Universe 11. But who knows, it will be an amusing run to see the Pride Troopers mix up Gohan to have a lot of funny scenes.