#Gohan is like the third wheel in the Goku-Vegeta powerhouse. He earned a respectful seat as one of the Earth's greatest warriors. He was even a hero with a (not so) great costume, saving people as the Great Saiyan Man. Though he went to school and became the greatest scholar of all the Saiyan race, he was still regarded as one warrior with a great potential. Now he's back fighting for the Tournament of #Power and he's in his best shape.

But why Gohan doesn't have any comeback performance yet? Even Krillin can beat him when you count the things done in the Tournament of Power.

Gohan as Universe 7's leader

Gohan's screen time has been increased in the Universal Survival arc, and it is a good thing for Gohan fans out there.

He also started training again with his second dad, Piccolo. As seen on Episode 90, Gohan has regained his Ultimate Form and can hold his ground against Super Saiyan Blue Goku. Imagine if he trained in the past years instead of focusing on his studies. Goku was very impressed that his son can achieve this feat in a very short time, he even made him the leader of the Universe 7. But, really, what now?

Gohan strategy to fight using number is a great one. It will not only increase the chance to defeat the enemy, it will also decrease the chance of defeat. The only problem is, not everyone has been following him. The greatest feat that he has done so far as a leader is saving Krillin from a powerful blast. The time is still early for Toei to take out the greatest battles, but is it better if they're building the path for Gohan's return if there's any?

So far, he has been standing back to back with Tien Shinhan, Piccolo, and Master Roshi.

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Preserving their power and let the careless ones (Goku and Vegeta are not exempted in the careless list) do the majority of knocking off enemies seems logical and it shows Gohan's brainy side. But admit it, Gohan fan or not, we just want to see Gohan listening to his Saiyan blood for once.

Gohan's new transformation...is there any?

One of the factors that draw Gohan's real power is his rage. So far, he has been very calm and it seems like he will not trigger his rage button anytime soon. The rage might be triggered if something happened to Goku or Piccolo. If he does, he might even get a new transformation, which is something that everyone has been waiting for.

Or perhaps, he had found a way to draw his potential without being engulfed with rage. He can even draw Goku's SSB Kaioken while he is in his Ultimate Form. It also shows that his Ultimate form has been improved since the last time he used it against Buu. If mastering his Ultimate Form is limitless, then he doesn't need any new transformation at all.

Gohan's role

It led me to this thought that Gohan will really have a great moment here in this arc...but not as what people want him to. He might not get an "I'll-shout-to-powerup-and-kill" moment, but he can be the one that will seize the winning moment and led the Universe 7 to victory. Afterall, Akira Toriyama has decided to design Gohan's character as one who doesn't love to fight, but love to study. #Dragon Ball Super