Fans of the "One Piece" manga can rejoice, as chapter 864 has been released early this week. After a 1-week-break, readers can finally find out what happens to Luffy and his pirate alliance after Brook destroyed Mother Caramel's picture.

All in all, chapter 864, titled "The Vinsmoke family slaughter plot", is a fast-paced, breathtaking, and action packed experience. We learn more about two of Big Mom's children, Daifuku and Oven, and their powers, as well as Judge's emotional frailty and his children's complete lack of emotion.

Big Mom realizes what Brook has done

Chapter 864 kicks off a brand new cover story, focusing on the numerous members of the newly formed Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

The first part of this series features Cavendish and his Beautiful Pirates as they sail the ocean on their magnificent ship. The story then picks up right where it left off two weeks ago. A furious Big Mom attacks both Luffy and Jinbei, but the pair is able to dodge her fiery attack. The Yonko then realizes that Brook had destroyed the picture of her beloved Mother Caramel.

Subsequently, Brook, who was disguised as Luffy, reveals his true identity by tearing off his poorly made mask. The crowd is absolutely shocked and disgusted by this revelation, as they believe that Brook had just torn the skin off his face.

Brook is outraged by their reaction but immediately turns his attention to Big Mom, who suffers a major meltdown. At this moment, Luffy and Jinbei are attacked by Big Mom's underlings.

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Pudding's potential change of heart and Daifuku's and Oven's powers

The scene transitions to Sanji and Pudding, who is desperately trying to shoot her husband-to-be. Sanji easily dodges all incoming bullets thanks to his Kenbunshoku Haki, but Daifuku intervenes and showcases his powers.

The third son of the Charlotte family is a lamp-man and has the ability to summon a spear-wielding genie, whom he, evidently, strengthens with his Busoshoku Haki. We finally get to see Sanji in action as he begins an all-out battle with Daifuku. Pudding also reveals that she may not be as evil as she thought.

When Sanji implied that she may have been deceiving herself all along, Pudding, once again, tears up. In the meantime, Pedro picks a fight with Oven, who has the ability to manipulate his body heat thanks to the Netsu-Netsu No mi.

Both Daifuku and Oven show just how powerful and versatile the members of the Big Mom Pirates are. While Sanji is capable of holding his own against Daifuku, he seems to struggle and is seen bleeding in a later panel.

The Vinsmokes are outnumbered and outgunned

In an article about the Vinsmokes, I questioned the powers of Sanji's family. Many fans of the manga were predicting that Judge and his children would somehow get involved in the fray.

Instead, they're easily incapacitated by Big Mom's henchmen, who have surrounded the family and have their guns pointed at their heads. Reiju previously revealed that her brothers, barring Sanji, were incapable of feeling any emotion due to their genetic modification. As such, they are utterly unfazed by Big Mom's betrayal and remain calm in the face of death.

Judge, on the other hand, completely breaks down and even starts to cry. Subsequently, the crowd of onlookers begins to laugh at him. This scene may turn out to be a significant moment, as the president of the World Economic Journal, "Big News" Morgans, is also present at the wedding.

Morgans reacts to Judge's crack-up by gleefully screaming: "This is big news!" While the Vinsmokes will most likely survive this chaos, Judge's reputation will surely suffer and, consequently, influence the future of the Germa 66.

The chapter ends with Capone Bege ordering the alliance to equip their ear-plugs in preparation for Big Mom's scream. As Katakuri approaches Luffy, Bege finally reveals his true intentions and taunts the Sweet Commander.

Action-packed chapter, but the climax is yet to come

Compared to previous arcs of "One Piece", the current arc is very fast-paced. The pacing definitely has its perks, though, and the plot moves along very quickly and smoothly. Unfortunately, this means that readers only get see brief scuffles between the numerous characters that were introduced in this arc.

The author, Eiichiro Oda, previously promised that 2017 would be the year of Sanji. While the entire plot is clearly centered around Sanji, many fans would love to see the cook in action. After the time skip, Sanji has been somewhat neglected, and whenever he fought powerful characters, such as Vergo and Doflamingo, he was practically humiliated. Nonetheless, fans of Sanji must've been delighted to see the cook in a fight with Daifuku.

Overall, chapter 864 was truly intense and exciting but with Big Mom still to release her powerful scream, the climax is yet to come.