#Donald Trump made history when he won the presidency. Here was the underdog, reviled by many, castigated by the intellectuals and not supported by many in his own party giving a knockout blow, and like the boxer pinned in the ring finally delivering an uppercut and winning the presidency. A look at the utterances of Trump shows that he is an admirer of strong men. He in his own way praised Saddam and Gaddafi and fearlessly articulated that Putin the Russian president was better than Obama. This despite the deep suspicion of Putin in the minds of the American people. Not many Americans will even speak highly of Saddam or Gaddafi.

The Russian president has also said that he admires Donald and the tone of the Russian press changed after Donald won the election.

The Russians made no secret of the fact that they appreciated Donald as President more than Hillary. After the election, Putin rang up Donald and expressed that a new "beginning" will be made.

The Russian leader had a poor opinion of Obama and opposed him at every step. Even in the perception of most Americans, Vladimir Putin is a man not to be trusted. Yet Trump has gone against the general opinion of most Americans, and proved to be successful.

Trump a strongman

Trump himself though having not served in the army is proud of his days as a cadet at in military school. Thus the ex-KGB officer has impressed Donald. The crucial question is that once in power, will Trump pull back Obama's policy and join Putin in Syria? Will he accept the Russian annexation of Crimea, and intervention in Ukraine? These are million dollar questions, but Donald and Putin will not be antagonistic to each other for sure.

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Who knows? A new world order may come about.

The future

Between Trump and Putin, there could perhaps be greater coordination against ISIS and their ilk. One wonders whether Putin will oblige Donald on China which is presently a strong ally of #Russia. It will be interesting to see how Donald faces up to the challenges of leading the most powerful nation on earth.