In the weeks following the election, disappointed voters searched for some way to cope with the fact that Donald Trump is our President Elect. There were protests all across the nation. But might there be some way for #Donald Trump to not become our next president? The recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are a source of hope for many. Others look to members of the electoral college to vote against the outcome their states have voted for. But what are the real chances of any of this coming to pass?

The recount

Jill Stien's recounts are ongoing despite efforts by the GOP to put a stop to them. But in order to stop Donald Trump from becoming president, records must be found to have been falsified in all three states.

Trump's margin of victory in all three states combined is about 107,000 votes. They must find the vote to have been falsified by at least 107,000 votes in his direction. For comparison, the margin of votes in the 2000 election of Bush v Gore was 537.

There is at least some evidence that votes may have been falsified. J. Alex Halderman, director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society, is among those who think that there may be voter fraud. Clinton's share of votes was lower in areas that used a specific type of electronic voting machine, which could point to hacking.

The Electoral College

The other hope many are holding onto is that members of the electoral college may choose to vote against what their states have voted for. Members of the Electoral College are not bound by law to vote with their state.

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However, it is extremely rare for them not to do so. This is called being a faithless elector, and it has occurred only three times since 1988.

So, at this point we know that it would take the discovery of a great amount of falsified votes, which there is no indication of, or an uprising of Electors the likes of which has never been seen to keep Trump out of office. There is a very small, almost infinitesimal chance that Donald Trump will not be our President. At this point, we need to stop worrying about trying to keep him out of the White House, and start worrying about what to do once he gets in the White House. #ElectoralCollege #Hillary Clinton