Henry Kissinger praising Donald Trump—the former a suspected war criminal, the latter a suspected rapist—is like Gomorrah praising Sodom. When our leaders commit War Crimes it mostly goes unnoticed, while rape or attempted rape is also often shrugged aside, particularly under the hands of the rich and famous. Drugs, however, are another matter. People ingesting drugs as recreation deserve swift and merciless punishment, but not for those safe and effective pain killers prescribed to folks in abundance by doctors, but rather street level narcotic’s users who are so much more detestable.

War crimes? Please

Kissinger worked under President Richard Nixon, who began our War on Drugs, a war which has taken on literal connotations by another Trump supporter, the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte. His drug war involves the summary execution of drug dealers and users without trial or even arrest; simple, really, not to mention cost-effective, to just assassinate them in the streets. Duterte recently admitted to a group of business leaders that he had once murdered three prisoners himself.

In 1968, Nixon purportedly sabotaged the Paris Peace Talks that were negotiating an end to the Vietnam War. Running on an anti-war platform, it’s fairly common knowledge that he prolonged the war for political gain.

Nixon of course won the election and the war went on for another five years, at the cost of an additional 22,000 Americans killed in action.

Our legacy of dictators

Not to be outdone, Kissinger orchestrated the violent overthrow of the democratically elected President of Chile, Salvador Allende, in 1973, and replaced him with the military dictator Augusto Pinochet, whose atrocities against the Chilean people are well documented.

These crimes went mostly unnoticed by the American people, as inconsequential as baseball, despite, or perhaps because of the players; George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Condoleeza Rice, John Bolton, and Paul Bremer all conspired to invade Iraq on trumped up evidence despite the fact that Iraq had nothing to do with 911.

Some argue that President Bush had a beef with Saddam Hussein, while others that mere war profiteering was the reason. Whatever the case, however, the Iraq War killed tens-of-thousands needlessly and cost trillions but only succeeded in making matters worse.

Russian hackers

By comparison, Trump’s alleged crime is mere treason—attempting to usurp an American election with the aid of a foreign power. A high crime, certainly, but paltry compared to his predecessors, particularly as there’s some doubt about his guilt. But with these others.

And then there’s appeasers like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, the former as pleased as a poodle, pooh-poohing everything Trump does with tail with tail-wagging enthusiasm, while the latter has made it patently clear that he will lie and obstruct to ensure not so much that his team wins, but that the other loses spectacularly, even amidst a seeming victory.

Lot’s wife?

And lastly is Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, a perfect stand-in for Lot, the protagonist in the biblical tale of Sodom and Gomorrah. It was Lot, after all, who actively denounced homosexuality but was fine with sexual assault, just like many an evangelical cheerleader.

But none of these crimes can hold a candle to the master criminal herself; a one-woman team who was systematically booed by all sides, their cries strident from the peanut gallery. The many misdeeds of Hillary Clinton go beyond mere treason, torture, or war crimes, but agonizingly entail the sending and receiving of actual emails from a semi-suspicious server. The raucous cries of “Lock her up” still reverberate across the country, like metal rakes across blackboards.

Indeed, the only other crime she could’ve committed worse than using a private email server would’ve been if she were busted for abusing street-level narcotics.

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