I find some of Mr. trump's ideas great, such as investing in infrastructure while interest rates are so low. The outgoing President tried to do that for 8 years but Congress blocked him.

My concern isn’t with what Trump would do to the U.S. States and cities have lots of power as do Congress and the courts. However; I am worried about what other countries might do when The President of the United States of America, the world’s largest military power, believes the former head of the KGB and not the head of the CIA and every other U.S intelligence agency.

All politicians lie

After decades as a Washington reporter, my often stated rule has been “all politicians lie; some steal too.” There have been a few exceptions (Bernie?) but what they lied about was their record, their opponent, or what they would do if elected.

Mr.Trump is the first to completely distort basic facts about the country and the world.

If he let it go at that and began concentrating on governing it would be almost routine, but Mr. Trump has kept up the constant deception and denial after winning! No President has ever done that before so we are in for exciting times.


What many find really frightening is Mr. Trump’s unknown standards for what constitutes a fact. For example, the world outside Trump Tower and Russia knows Vladimir Putin has spent a decade interfering with elections in other countries, Mr. Trump’s spokespeople all say show us the proof,” exactly what the Russian government says.

For nearly a year Mr. Trump campaigned on the idea that we, as a government should not tell enemies what we will do.

We should surprise them. He said this about attacking ISIS when there was only one possible city (Mosul) which could be attacked. Mr. Trump called our leaders stupid for saying what everyone knew, yet when every rule of intelligence gathering says that you never disclose methods because then the enemy knows what to avoid, his surrogates now demand intelligence agencies make public the evidence that Russia and Putin worked to undermine our democracy during the last election.

Put aside the fact that Russia does this all the time and in exactly this same way. Ignore that the results of the election are making Russians cheer in the streets of Moscow. Put aside that Mr. Trump refuses intelligence briefings. He still demands proof which would cripple our intelligence gathering capability and probably get our sources killed.

My former NSA expressed fear of what Trump might tweet after a briefing.

China and drones

Within a few hours Mr. Trump (not yet elected by the electoral College or sworn in) first took credit for China saying they will return the oceanographic drone they stole (probably without orders from higher up and, likely in fact by mistake) and a few minutes later, Trump said they should keep it.

Trump Administration’s domestic tactics

The next four years will be filled with scary things and this is intentional. During the campaign and even last week, Mr. Trump continually fed the fear of his supporters by repeating a claim that the murder rate in the U.S. was the highest in 40 years - the exact opposite is true.

Except for a small uptick which coincides with the Trump Presidential campaign, the violent crime rate in the U.S. has fallen steadily for decades.

The way to get people to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily even consider doing is to frighten them. That road leads to lynch mobs, internment of minorities, wars, and The Patriot Act. Local television news programs have done this for decades - I've actually heard news chiefs say only half kidding, "if it bleeds it leads." Watch Canadian news and you'll be amazed to see that they don’t feed viewers a constant diet of crime - they report on what government is doing.

What Mr. Trump did was recognize how successful you can become by frightening people.

Since the U.S. had actually added 16 million jobs, cut the deficit, and got out of two wars, the only way to scare people was to lie.

Watch the Electoral College!

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