The outgoing president Barack #Obama allowed personal prejudice to override a historical fact by authorizing the US representative to abstain on a contentious one-sided resolution that censured #Israel for settlements on the West bank. It was a first in history and undermined the long-standing relationship between Israel and the USA. In an unprecedented move president-elect Donald got into the act and was able to to get the original sponsor of the resolution - Egypt to back off, but perhaps the Obama administration with a view to limit the options of Trump and Israel itself got the resolution tabled through 4 other nations. The Israeli prime minister has stated he has " ironclad evidence" of this act of the Obama administration.

Donald's views

#Donald Trump has made his options clear and he would like to cut the US funding for the UNO. Many important GOP leaders also favor this with senators Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham supporting it. Another senator Mike Rogers wants the extreme step of withdrawal from the UNO.

President-elect Donald will have his hands full to contain the damage done by the Obama administration. One can expect him to re-chart the course after 20 January 17. Trump has the view that Obama is a great enemy of Israel. Appearing on Fox News channel he said, "There has never been a greater enemy to Israel than Obama. It's incredible the way he speaks to them. I think he treats our own enemies better"

Obama's action

There is no doubt that at no time in US history has any outgoing administration made such a drastic change of established policy.

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It is like trying to present a fait accompli to the incoming president. In this Obama appears in poor light as there is no doubt the resolution was one-sided as it never mentioned the fact that almost all states around Israel are reluctant to accept Israel as an entity with the right to survive.

Last word

Trump has promised that things will change after 20 January and he has also gone on record to say that he would favor shifting of the US embassy to Jerusalem. These are momentous decisions and Trump has four full years to prove he means what he says.