Candidate #trump was careless about facts, but politicians always lie to get elected -- the test comes when in office if he fails to keep all those promises. His followers say they don’t care about his exaggerations about Hillary and Obama, they’re just “mad as hell” and want change. And who can blame them? College costs are now out of the reach of all but the rich, factories are manned by machines, and politicians never keep their promises.

In the 50's one job put "two cars in every garage." Today Dad and Mom each have two #Jobs to pay for $600 smartphones made in Korea and sold at Walmart. I recall a most prescient quote three decades ago by business consultant Warren Bennis,"The factory of the future will have two employees, a dog and a man.

the dog's job is keeping the man from touching anything."

While his supporters were happy to ignore the #fake news re-tweeted in Trump Tweet storms, will they be as willing to ignore his promises to build a wall; cancel all trade agreements; impose big tariffs; "lock up" Hillary; bring back factory jobs; or repeal the Affordable Care Act on the first day? What happens when those all turn out to be nothing but campaign promises?


Trump supporters want a living minimum wage and support unions, but President-elect Trump just named a fast food mogul for Sec. of Labor, a man who has opposed minimum wage increases for all his business life because that would hurt his businesses. When a Steel Worker’s Union head merely pointed out that the President-elect misstated the number of jobs saved, Mr.

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Trump attacked him. That's safe, but if he attacks the Teamsters, how will food get to The White House, or Trump Tower?

The Carrier deal didn’t save 1200 jobs, it saved about 730 jobs temporarily at the cost of $700,000 per year in tax breaks other citizens will have to pay. But even at $930 per year to save each job that’s a good deal compared to paying unemployment and food stamp benefits. But will his supporters feel the same when it turns out you can only do that once, perhaps when Trump's Vice President-elect happens to be the Governor and can grant tax relief in one case?

Unfortunately, a part of the Carrier deal is that United Technologies is spending $16M to upgrade that factory -- that means more robots and fewer jobs in a few years.


Post-election, Trump now says a lot of things in the ACA are great and he wants to keep them. But those, including insuring pre-existing conditions, are the most expensive parts.

When/if the worm turns

I’m not saying President-elect Trump is wrong to want good relations with Russia, but most of middle America grew up hating the USSR which Putin is putting back together and President-elect Trump’s probable Sec.

of State, Rex Tillerson, was awarded the Russian Order of Friendship medal by Putin.

Trump is an isolationist, which may be good, few people are in favor of our tax dollars and the blood of our military being wasted on what should be other countries’ concerns. But it's estimated 11 million U.S. jobs are tied to exports. The last time the U.S. started putting big tariffs on imports was 1930, the Smoot-Hawley Act, followed directly by The Great Depression.

What about fake news? Candidate Trump was fine with fake news when it attacked Hillary and when WikiLeaks favored him, but Hillary's no longer a fun target. They make money by attacking the “insiders” and every cabinet appointment so far has gone to a 4-star General (salary $179,700/year plus benefits), Goldman Sachs executive, or a billionaire.

When President Trump himself is the ultimate insider, won’t all those fake news purveyors attack him? Or will all those "600lb. couch potatoes" quit making money with fake news?

And, what about all those supporters who Candidate Trump incited to violence at his rallies? Just how upset will they be when they see that President Trump, nor any President, can do what Trump has promised?