Donald Trump will be missing at least one electoral vote come December 19, when a Texas electoral vote holder will go with his conscience rather than what the voters want. Tucker Carlson didn't mince his words with Republican Christopher Suprun last night on the #Fox News show after hearing the man is going with his "moral conscience." Suprun was adamant with his plan to go rogue with his electoral vote and not cast it for Donald Trump.

Tucker reminded him that there are millions of people who voted and he has a large portion of those votes in his hands. The Fox News host wasn't going to dance around what Suprun plans to do.

He tells the electoral vote holder that he is basically telling millions of voters that he doesn't care how they voted.

Suprun saving the voters from their votes?

Suprun might best be described as a man who fancies himself a hero of the people who believes he is going to save them from their own votes because he knows better than those who voted in Trump. While the Daily Banter suggests Carlson's line of questioning was ridiculous, there are many others who take offense with Suprun's arrogant comments that he is making a "moral" vote against Trump. His use of "moral," Tucker points out, leads those who voted for Trump to make the assumption that their vote was immoral. Check out this jaw-dropping conversation below.

His moral conscience

Suprun spun a tale about the founding fathers, one not found anywhere in the U.S.

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Constitution. He said the electoral vote was created by the founding fathers to guard against a "mob mentality" vote and having a "demagogue" voted into office. Tucker quickly tells Suprun there are no motives for the creation of electoral vote in the Constitution. It appears this electoral voter from Texas is using his own perception of the Electoral College to suit his purposes.

Goes Rogue with electoral vote

Around 128 million voted in the election and there are 538 electoral voters who represent those voters and Suprun is a proxy for millions of those votes. Carlson describes Suprun's mindset of not caring how the people voted and going with his own conscience as "scary."

Tucker then tells the rogue voter how his actions indicate that the 538 people who hold an electoral vote can decide on a different president than who the majority voted for. Suprun, who continues to defend voting with his conscious, claims this is a safeguard created by the founding fathers.

The 538 electoral voters are the proxy of the people, said Tucker, but now an "undemocratic" situation is presented with one man saying to the voters that he knows better than they do.

Who is Suprun casting his vote for instead of Trump?

He claims he doesn't know but he suggests John Kasich's name has come up lately during these type of conversations. Kasich has made it clear he doesn't want anyone voting for him. According to CNN News, Kasich does not want to take Donald Trump's place and he has sent that message loud and clear via social media to the Electorial College.

Kasich offers a flat-out 'no'

Kasich simply stated that our country elected Donald Trump during a nationwide election and that is who will be the next president of this nation. This approach taken by Suprun will only divide the nation even more than it already is and he is adamant he doesn't want any votes from the people who will cast the electoral votes. You can see Kasich's tweet below.

Tucker Carlson style!

Tucker did what he does best and that was to lambaste Suprun in the most diplomatic of ways. He did this by using his line of questioning to point out the arrogant mindset of this rogue electoral voter. ABC News reports that Suprun believes there are other electoral voters who will follow suit, but no names were mentioned. #Tucker Carlson #Rogue electoral vote