#Donald Trump is predictable. For a while he has been demonstrating the knee-jerk reactions that make him unfit to serve as president, his recent statements on nuclear weapon proliferation is a much larger hint that the man doesn’t understand the nature of the job. The American public don’t seem to understand, either, which is why they voted for Trump (many of them). According to the New York Times Trump said the U.S. should “greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until the rest of the world comes to its senses.”

The idea that arming more and more provides greater security is proven a fallacy by history

The is a flat-out invitation to a new arms race under the guise that arming ourselves and our allies to the teeth despite the fact that we can destroy the entire world already five times over -- will make the world a safer place.

This also despite the fact that seven former presidents have made limiting nuclear proliferation a goal and have worked toward that end, Trump doesn’t understand the subtleties of being a statesman because he’s never been one.

The first time an arms race failed to keep the peace was 1914 and World #war I. Supposedly Trump believes that newer weapons of destruction that can vaporize mankind will cause rogue states like ISIL in the Middle East and North Korea to, as Trump put it, “come to their senses.” If these regimes which represent flights from reality had normal senses.

Trump has already exhibited behavior that shows he has a cavalier, reckless attitude toward issues of world importance and is dismissive of them in a brash and insulting way. When the Chinese were angered by Trump for accepting a call from the president of Taiwan to congratulate him on his election victory -- the first time an American leader had spoken with the ruler of Taiwan since relations were cut with that island nation -- Trump downplayed it.

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That was okay. But then he compounded the issue into an international incident when he criticized the Chinese for their aggressive military ambitions and economic trade imbalance.

Trump is incapable of being a statesman

It’s not that these are not worthy issues that should be addressed. It’s that Trump cannot resist the urge to insult and mock, a result of his well-known thin skin. Thus, he has to have the last word and to bait and taunt, which in this case achieved nothing worthwhile.

Now he’s promising to make the world a nuclear pincushion, undoing the work of every president since John F. Kennedy. Trump is always bragging about his intelligence, but he doesn’t understand the most basic tenet of world security. Wars usually result because of miscalculation -- not design. Hitler miscalculated Britain’s resolve in his invasion of Poland. Saddam Hussein miscalculated our reaction to his invasion of Kuwait. #Foreign Policy