#Donald Trump did the unthinkable which no US president dared for the last 40 years. He had a 10-minute conversation with president Tsai of Taiwan. This was not even thought off by Ronald Reagon who was a strong president. The cornerstone of US policy was the acceptance of a one-#china policy. How this policy could be compromised if a President spoke to the Taiwan president was never explained. More it emanated from a latent fear of China. Alistair Mclean wrote, " Fear is the Key." That about summed up earlier US policy.

Trump faces China

Donald Trump for long was lampooned as a man with no political sense. His opponents led by Mitt Romney strongly argued that he knew nothing of world affairs and policy and was a blubbering idiot.

Fortunately, all his critics are wrong and one phone call by Donald has called China's bluff. China's reaction has been muted and ended with a small protest note. To prove his point that the telephone was not an impetuous action, Donald has tweeted his opposition to the communist country's fiscal policy and colonization of the islands in the South China sea. President Obama singularly failed to stop its reclamation and build up in the islands of the South China sea. Even the Hague verdict was rejected by the communist nation and Obama did nothing.

Trump is a man with a strong conviction. Men in history are men who break from the trodden path and Trump has just done that. The 10-minute call showed to China that the USA had no fear of it. Who knows at a later stage the USA may also recognize the existence of a reality, an independent Taiwan.

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Many countries in the world will follow suite.

China's bluff

China cannot risk a war with any nation as it will bring hardship to the Chinese and may well end the monolith one party dictatorship. Hence the Chinese dragon will snort a lot but not breathe fire. An example is the China-India face off where a firm Modi by raising two mountain corps and positioning tanks on the border has brought only a mild editorial. Donald is on the right track in calling China's bluff.

Last word

Taiwan could be a part of China, but only if the majority want it. Donald will have to ensure that China does not eat up Taiwan despite the overwhelming majority not wanting to join China.