Frightening times are upon us; once the international climate has been stomached, one considers the rock and hard place Donald Trump find's himself. On the one hand, we have an olive branch extended from Putin to the President-elect. On the other hand, there is the USA's commitment to NATO (and therefore, the Ukraine).

Petition brought to the President

Donald Trump has received a letter today, signed by 12 Republican and 15 Democratic Senators, Reuters has reported. This comes amid fears for the nation of Ukraine which tested two missiles over disputed Russian airspace over the weekend; a reckless move that could have caused a World War, given the size of the NATO force that is collected outside the Russian border.

Recently the European Union voted to permit propaganda against Russia, followed by the missile tests, which, together, have generated a climate of fear around the world. This is even with the stability that was introduced after Trump won the election. The truth is that not since the Cold War missile crisis has the West and Russia been this close to war.

The letter reads:

"In light of Russia's continued aggression and repeated refusal to respect Ukraine's territorial and sovereign right to choose its own destiny we also renew our call for the United States to increase political, economic and military support for Ukraine." The letter is available through the Reuters news agency.

Among those who signed are the Republican Rob Portman and the Democrat, Richard Durbin. Does Trump have the finesse to be able to contain the rattling in Washington and keep an eye on ever-changing international landscape?

What to do?

The truth is that we don't know.

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We would all like to hope that the answer is yes but the USA forms part of NATO's invasion force of 300,000 Military staff in Poland, Lithuania, and Finland. Perhaps Trump should consider a tactical withdrawal of personnel once he has come to power to take an international breath, and responsibly decide what action is more prosperous for America's interests.

Putin has shown a great deal of patience in the past two months as the election was brought to a close. However, once again the stalemate situation prior to the election is beginning to find its way back into the headlines, as statesmen from around the world prepare to make decisions that could affect the future of the entire planet.