The first time I heard about Theranos was in 2009. The idea that a company was taking it upon itself to streamline the process of blood-testing by removing unnecessary pain and procedure was undeniably admirable. But it was not until the end of 2015 and throughout 2016 that I began to hear about the company again, this time around, the news wasn't all that glamorous: it was an avalanche of displeasing news.

Unwarranted media attacks

However, the terrible reporting in some newspapers and magazines about the issues faced by the company, which were more of a vendetta than objective commentaries, caught my undivided attention.

It is easy to assume that the journalists writing those outright, damning stories were on a dangerous mission to kill the company! It is hard not to believe that they have been paid by Theranos' competitors to just make the company disappear.

The hard truths no one is talking about

The truth is that the company is still a start-up. As such, the company must be allowed the "grace" to strategically grow its technologies and management structures. Google, Microsoft, Apple, and other technology giants do not just appear on the world stage by accident, it happens over a long period of time, through many iterations and experimentation.

Here are some of the hard truths the media aren't peddling about Theranos:

  • It's an All-American company that designs, assembles, and produces its technologies in the United States.
  • It has close to 700 employees, hundreds of whom have already been laid off due to the company's decision to cease its blood-testing operations.
  • Blood-testing is just a part of the company's businesses, and the company has smoothly pivoted to producing technologies that can help revolutionized the blood-testing industry.
  • And no fatalities or deaths have so far been reported about Theranos's past blood-testing operations.
  • It is a company that embraces diversity and gives people of all races the chance to make it in life.

It's time to leave Theranos alone

With the closures of its blood-testing labs and the pivot into making #Diagnostics technologies, the media, most especially the ones that are constantly targeting or digging up negative news about Theranos, should just leave the company alone.

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No one is objecting to fair and factual reporting but when it becomes an act of "media war" that could hurt the company, its hundreds of employees, investors, products, and customers, that is surely a poor professional move to make. A fair commentary will weigh both the positive and negative sides of an issue and appropriately report them to readers. But when there are unending, hurtful media attacks on a company as young as Theranos, such an action misleads rather than informs people about the true capability of the company. #enterprenuership #pivoting