The United States of America has been an ever-changing work of political art. Beautiful during some eras, and courageous during others, while never losing sight of a common goal of freedom. Darkness has cast a not-so-beautiful or courageous shadow across the nation during the most difficult eras. Still, freedom was the common goal. President-elect Donald Trump will begin a new era once again when he takes office.

President Trump will lead the nation through an era of compromise like we have not seen in our history. The citizens of this country have changed considerably since the nation was founded, and the needs of the populace have also changed.

Not since WWII has the need for the nation to come together been so important. Trump will surprise many on both sides with his decisions due to compromising when others want to fight.

Eight years of doing nothing

The last eight years have been nothing but a stalemate within our government, while the needs of the citizens got worse, not better. The left needs to realize that what they were doing the last eight years was not helping. The right needs to learn from the left’s mistakes, or history will repeat itself. Trump is a good enough negotiator to understand that progress comes through hard work and compromise.

The more angry Trump supporters have to understand that not all battles when dealing with a populace can be won.

The left needs to understand they lost, Trump won. In reality Trump is in a better position than President Obama has been the last few years with control of both the Senate and House of Representatives. Trump does not have to compromise, but he will.

Trump will bring us together

The greatest leaders in history lead for all the people, this is why Trump will compromise, so he can lead a nation, not a political party.

The last eight years have (or should have) taught us all, leading half the people will end in division, opening many areas of society to disarray. Like it or not, we need each other, we need everybody to be focused on what is best for the country, not ourselves.

Trump will do whatever he needs to uphold the Constitution through the Supreme Court, but everyday life issues will be addressed in a manner of what is best for as many as possible.

This will anger both the far left, along with the far right, but for those in the middle, the Trump era of compromise will be much better than the eight years of Hope and Change we just went through.

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