I just watched the two-part reunion of "Teen Mom OG" Season 3. When cast members Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran graced the stage with their presence, I knew drama would not be far behind. I paused the show and grabbed the chips before clicking the remote again. Abraham shot host Drew Pinsky the death stare a few times before giving quick answers to his questions. Her obvious dislike for the internist was uncomfortable enough, but, things escalated when Pinsky asked about her strained friendship with Amber Portwood. Abraham dished her honest feelings about Portwood and her partner Matt Baier. Saran added his own opinions about the situation, and, this resulted in the worst fight ever televised on this series.

After-show allegations

After the finale concluded, I scoured the internet for any juicy tidbits about the epic explosion. Thank goodness for Twitter and Instagram because the hype never died; it just continued on another screen. From her private account, Portwood tweeted, "They cut out Michael literally screaming in my face calling me a b**** and him putting his hands on Matt's neck... disgusted....Calling someone a pedophile is not ok nor a joke.." Saran's serious accusation was never cool nor warranted, and violent outbursts perpetuated self-defense as a permissible first response.

When Portwood claimed MTV manipulated events, an Us Weekly article explained the reason. According to Abraham, she relayed: "MTV is covering the cost to fix my dad's hearing aids, as well as all leg injuries and other bills and casts that were requested by my dad's lawyer since MTV knew and put my family around criminals and the instigated fight.

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MTV is diligently keeping my dad happy so they hope my dad won't press charges but has every right too." Her father suffered some unexpected harm. Hopefully, he will recover soon.


To describe instigated brawls, the paragon of idioms is this: it takes two to tango. Michael sustained several injuries, but the Abraham family was involved in the heated argument, too. The same Us Weekly article detailed Portwood's report to her fans. She wrote on her social media profile, "After 8 years this is so disrespectful..I've worked too hard on myself to take this kind of disrespect. If I was going out there to hit her than I would have. Just wanted her to say it to my face and of course she didn't...let's be honest."

From my perspective, the screaming and cursing from both mothers muted their message. Abraham decided to exploit her unnecessary judgments, and Portwood succumbed to her burgeoning anger. The two businesswomen have polished their image for the millions of teen mothers struggling with either relative poverty or addiction. If Abraham and Portwood continue this feud, their message will get lost in all of the fighting. #teenmomOG #FarrahAbraham #AmberPortwood