A total of 61 people were shot in the city of Chicago during the holiday weekend and 11 of them died of their wounds, according to data kept by the Tribune. Seven people were killed on Christmas Day alone, more than on the holiday the past three years combined. Three people were killed in 2015, one in 2014, and two in 2013.

Two young female children were killed, they were only 13 and 14 years of age. This has been a very deadly year for Chicago with deaths. Chicago is rated a top five deadliest city in the United States of America. This year, alone there has been 787 homicides per HeyJackass.com.

Death count

In total, 4336 people have been shot. 3629 of those were shot and wounded, and 707 were wounded per the HeyJackass Website.

The majority of gender that have been shot are male. They are in the lead big time, as less were female Homicides which are at a very low rate. Out of all the deaths women have a low of 64 to where men have 723 deaths. That is a 9.08 ratio of women to men being shot. So what is causing all of these shootings to occur in Chicago?

Well, no-one has quite figured it out. But, for one thing, we for sure know is gang violence. Many of these shootings can be linked back to gang members that are just trying to make a name for themselves. I mean 2016 has already taken away so many people why keep taking away more?

Average cost

Well here's some interesting facts for all of you on how much it's going to cost per person that gets shot and goes into the hospital for it.

$55,000: Average gunshot victim ER and hospital expenses

  • $1000: Average CFD ambulance ride, only applicable to 80% of victims, rest self-transport.
    • $800: Homicide-related autopsies.

That should give you some sort of idea how much this is going to cost and we have the exact number as of right now.

It's $225,057,000 and that's without including December so far. It also doesn’t include hospice care or ongoing rehabilitation.

Past years

Last year, alone there were only 509 homicides in Chicago but, the number has gone far down since the late 1900's.

If you look back at 2011 there were 2,208 homicides just that year alone.

All I am doing is asking for this unnecessary violence to stop happening. Christmas is meant to be a time to spend with family not be on the end of a bullet going through your house window.

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