A good commercial can really be a big boost for a product, but good commercials are getting harder and harder to find. These days you have the ads where you wouldn't have any idea what they were trying to sell you if they didn't say the name of the product just before the spot ended. Case in point: any commercial for perfume or cologne. These commercials are trying to be all artsy and I guess that may be appealing to some people. Then there are the ads that make you scratch your head, wondering how they ever made it through ad executives that are supposed to be professionals. Here are five of those ads.

Crazy Cottonelle lady

It has been a couple years now since the toilet paper brand Cottonelle trotted out some creepy British woman going up to strangers and talking about how clean their backside is. I guess the Cottonelle ad team thought they would take the tacky Charmin bears commercials one step further. Toilet paper commercials should tell me how many plys the tissue has and how many sheets per roll, beyond that each individual can judge for themselves. Cherry Healey is the actress who portrays the bum lady and one has to wonder how proud her mum and dad must be that her career is going down the toilet.

Panera's ridiculous comparison

The newest Panera Bread commercial is on a lot and it is irksome each and every time.

The comparison it makes between choosing what to have for lunch and graduating from medical school is simply confusing. Add to that an annoying narrator's voice and you have an ad that doesn't make one want to grab a sandwich, but rather makes one want to change the channel.

Condiment attack ad

Sabra hummus goes after the legendary condiment mayonnaise in their latest ad, saying mayonnaise is French for fat.

Just like political ads, product commercials should tell viewers what they can do for them rather than going after another product. Now it would be funny if a mayonnaise brand came back and said that Sabra hummus is Israeli for listeria recall.

KFC's colonel merry-go-round

KFC has been changing the actor who portrays the iconic Colonel Sanders every six months or so in some strange attempt to get millennials to pay attention to their brand.

The latest KFC spokesman is Rob Riggle and he plays the colonel as a football coach. The spot shows Riggle slapping some player on the butt four times as he introduces each of the four new $10 Chicken Share buckets. It seems more like sexual harassment than it does a football game.

Pun intended

The current ad for Eggland's Best eggs is just a bit frustrating. The guy at the end of the commercial asks why have ordinary when you can have the best. If the ad people are going to ask why have ordinary, then why not use the perfect pun and have eggstraordinary? If you set it up, you then need to spike it down.

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