#Ted Cruz - United States Senator from Texas, (R), spoke at a prayer meeting in Washington, D.C. in the Kennedy Caucus Room of the U.S. Capitol building on Tuesday. The unsuccessful 2016 Presidential candidate, who was ultimately defeated in the primaries by Donald Trump, targeted his speech to the religious right as he spoke to the group Wallbuilders that was founded by the group Right Wing Watch. David Barton, who is an evangelical author and activist, runs Wallbuiders. Among other things, Cruz told Wallbuilders that he believes that a "revival is on the way," that is, after he manages to find more preachers to run for Congress.

Garlow discusses Cruz's speech

Jim Garlow, who is the preacher at the Skyline Church that founded the Jefferson Gathering prayer group, described Cruz's speech.

Garlow stated in a Facebook post that Cruz was "eloquent as usual." Garlow also described Cruz as a "profound and significant voice in the Senate." Garlow was referring to Cruz's Pro-Life stance and his support of Supreme Court justices who are against any and all forms of abortion and birth control.

Garlow also highlighted the fact that there are several pastors who are members of Congress. Garlow described the pastor-politicians as "high quality people." Although Ted Cruz is not a preacher, his speech, which would have appealed to the Right Wing Coalition, echoed the fundamentalist teachings and beliefs that are preached in the most conservative churches in America.

Cruz says rules in Congress

In his speech, Ted Cruz - United States Senator, stated that because of an "absence of the pulpits" in the halls of Congress, that Satan rules "in the halls of legislation." Cruz did not discuss the Separation of Church and State, one of the most fundamental entities of the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution.

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Cruz also did not explain his rationale for remaining in "the halls of Congress" if he believes that it is overrun by Satan and his followers.

Election hacking

In his speech, Cruz did not discuss the fact that prominent federal officials and members of Congress now believe that the Russians hacked the American Election 2016 campaign and votes. As a result of the hacking, #Hillary Clinton - Former United States Secretary of State, lost the general election to Donald Trump, who now is the President-elect of the United States. #Bernie Sanders - United States Senator from Vermont, lost in the Democratic Party primaries to Hillary Clinton. A number of sources also believe that Sanders' defeat was influenced by the WikiLeaks Scandal, which also is widely rumored to have been instigated by the Russians.

Gulf States fear major war with United States

Meanwhile, the Gulf States are extremely fearful of a cataclysmic war with the United States when Trump takes office. The fear is that the war may develop into World War III which would change the world forever.

Cruz did not discuss the likelihood of a cataclysmic war in his speech, although some fundamentalist members of the Christian Coalition believe that such a war is inevitable anyway. And therein lies the danger as this observer sees it.