Employees at a United Technologies (UT) plant in northeastern Indiana, just two hours from the Carrier plant where President-elect #Donald Trump says he saved over 1,100 jobs by utilizing his "negotiating skills," are feeling deserted by Trump. The 1,300 employees, most of whom are in their mid-fifties, feel that they are "too old" to be "retrained" for another job, yet still are too young to retire and draw a decent pension. To put it bluntly, the UT employees feel that Trump has abandoned them while making political capital off of his so-called "deal" with Carrier to keep its manufacturing in the United States to save 1,100 jobs.

Trump's tariff on companies that outsource

Trump, who recently attacked a union leader for criticizing his Carrier deal, has been threatening to impose a 35 percent tariff on products that are imported from outsourced American manufacturers.

Trump also waged a Twitter tirade against the Milwaukee manufacturer Rexnord, a bearing manufacturer, for planning to outsource its manufacturing to Mexico. Rexnord's threatened plant closure, if carried out, would cost 300 American jobs.

What will Trump do?

It is unknown at this point if Trump plans to intervene each and every time a company announces plans to outsource jobs to another country. Vice-President Mike Pence has indicated that Trump plans to make such decisions "on a case by case basis."

Presidential micromanagement...Can it work?

If Trump, who was offered a chance to buy a Ukrainian aircraft to replace the current Air Force One aircraft in lieu of Boeing's $4 billion aircraft, does start evaluating plant closures and #outsourcing on a "case by case basis," he will be micromanaging American business and manufacturing.

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It is doubtful to many observers, including this one, that Trump will have time to micromanage companies along with all of his other responsibilities as President. Just his responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief, let alone all of hundreds of other responsibilities, will keep him up all hours as he grapples to manage the most sophisticated military technology on Earth.

Concerns over Putin

There are mounting concerns that #Vladimir Putin of Russia, with whom Trump has a very close friendship, will manage to trick Trump into providing him America's most well-guarded military and technology secrets, thus rendering America extremely vulnerable to Russian sabotage and military and technological infiltration. After all, the Russians, already have managed to infiltrate the American Presidential election process, which up to now always has been America's most sacred safeguard. It is believed that the Russians sabotaged America's presidential election to ensure a Trump victory, most likely because of his complete ignorance of America's military infrastructure, needs and protocol, and his resultant vulnerability to mistakes and to revealing classified, top secret information to the Russians.

America at tremendous risk

President Barack Obama, who has little more than a month left in office, has ordered a complete investigation into allegations that the Russians managed to hack Hillary Clinton's email server and to infiltrate the Presidential election. In the meantime, with the reality of the Trump presidency within the next five weeks looming over this country, America is more at risk of being taken over by a foreign entity than at any other time since the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, and President Franklin Roosevelt asked Congress for a declaration of war against the Imperial Emperor of Japan.