"Star Wars: Rogue One" is set to hit the theaters, and without a doubt, it is going to be one of the most powerfully anticipated movies of the year. Many are waiting to see where the series goes after the surprise death of one of the main characters in the franchise. To what degree which characters are going to be in that are still living is also not known. The one thing that is certain is that #Disney owns the franchise, and this can be seen in a number of ways.

'Star Wars' getting "Disney-fied"

Many long time fans have been heard speaking with a bit of trepidation ever since Disney had taken the wheel. That is because "Star Wars" is not a series that needed to be “Disney'd” up.

As a matter of fact, part of the great lore is that it was not from a big movie powerhouse that was already a household name prior to its greatness. The fact that a movie like "Star Wars" became the legendary hit that it did was due in no small part to the fact that the writers were unknown, and spent many hours ensuring that plot holes did not happen and that story flowed well. That is not a sure thing with a company like Disney at the wheel. Disney, at its heart, likes "cute" and "cute" is not what Star Wars fans want.

The problems are not just one of image in this regard, either. For instance, in the last movie, the Millennium Falcon bounces off of the ground. That's right, like a basketball, it bounces. No mention of shields or anything is given, it just happens. That is the kind of Disney thinking that long time, die-hard "Star Wars" fans do not, in any way, want in their movies.

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There is too much at stake, and there is no reason for it.

The other problem that is exists is the tendency that Disney has to over use computer graphics when the “real” monster approach may actually look better. Computers are amazing things, but a person can still tell that they are computers. It may seem quite odd to say, but in some ways, the original "Star Wars" looked better and more realistic than the over computer programmed version that is said to have been better. Sure, computers have a place, but using them for every flight and creature scene makes the movie feel like a video game, thus taking away from the overall presentation.

Disney and plot lines

As for the plot lines, thankfully Disney has not really done a very bad job with the actual story. The movie and script twists have thus far worked out very well. Many are wondering if there is going to be another major character in the movie dying off, now that they have done it once, and the original cast is aging a bit. If not, perhaps the original cast will get an ever bigger role in the movie, since many of them are (in this very close and real galaxy) thankfully quite healthy.

These are the kinds of things that were hoped for by fans of the "Star Wars" empire, and at least in this regard things seem in tact.

Lastly, thank the Force that Disney has not allowed any half-baked writer to create a character who is nearly as ill-fitted and brainlessly spoken and planned as Jar Jar Binks. It is with a great prayer that almost every living "Star Wars" fan, in this galaxy as well as any far, far away one prays to see a Jar Jar Binks tombstone in this movie. Instead, let Boba Fett climb out of "Empire Strikes Back" and onto the "Rogue One" screen. Now that is something worth buying the extra large popcorn for. #StarWars