Should Donald Trump have Elon Musk up to the Trump Tower? The New York Times seems to think so and, considering that Trump has met with Al Gore, no argument against it exists.

On the surface, Musk and Trump are two different kinds of businessmen. Trump has focused on more traditional industries, construction, manufacturing, and fossil fuels. Musk is creating some of the industries of the future, space travel, electric cars, and solar power.

But Trump and Musk are more alike than either would likely care to admit. Both are larger than life figures who are consummate showmen as much as they are risk raking businessmen. Both of them are adroit at manipulating the law for their benefit, Trump’s multiple bankruptcies and the use of imminent domain, Musk feasting on government subsidies for his various enterprises. They could swap ideas, at the very least.

Besides, they have a mutual enemy, Amazon’s and Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos (whom Trump might profit from meeting with as well.)

Mind, Musk has a real political problem. Back around 2010 he bet heavily on President Obama, actually taking him on a tour of the Falcon 9 then on a launch pad in Florida. But he also associated himself with the president’s cancellation of the Constellation program and the heavy subsidies that his company SpaceX benefited from in NASA’s commercial crew program.

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Donald Trump

Both rankled congressional Republicans. When Congress was stingy in funding commercial crew, Musk incautiously compared Republicans to the Soviet Politburo.

Now Obama is on his way out and a new boss is taking power, which means that Musk has someone else he needs to cultivate to keep those fat subsidies and government contracts that his companies depend on flowing.

Fortunately Trump needs Musk as much as Musk needs Trump.

Trump’s space policy is dependent on private-public partnerships which Musk will be only too happy to provide. Support for Musk’s green projects, solar power, and electric cars, are a tougher call as both are high end products right now out of reach from most of the blue collar workers who are Trump’s base. But if Musk can be persuaded to develop the electric car version of a Model T, something anyone could buy, he might be able to convince Trump for a little help.

Trump, in turn, gets a little green street cred and expands the base of industries that he can create jobs for.

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