Shinzo Abe visited Pearl Harbor and paid homage to the victims of the Imperial Navy's attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Abe lamented the futility of war but offered no apology. The attack by the Imperial fleet started the Pacific war, but times have changed and the USA and Japan are the best of allies. But another danger looms ahead and that is the feverish build-up and power play by the Chinese navy. For the first time, the Chinese aircraft carrier and its escort warships entered the Pacific in a show of force. It has been may years since an opposing navy has entered the Pacific.

China and the Pacific

Donald Trump will have to face the reality of a strong china feverishly building up to match the USA.

They have only one carrier at present and another is under construction, but the signs are ominous as China has almost appropriated the entire South China Sea as well. It has built artificial islands and these have airfields and weaponry positioned on them, and the USA had done nothing about it. The nations around the sea like the Philippines and Vietnam cannot do much as the dragon flexes its muscles. China has also rejected the judgment of the International tribunal and Trump will have to decide how to oppose China in the Pacific and the South China Sea.

Officially the US policy is that the South China Sea is international waters and US flights continue over the islands. The fact is, the Chinese (who had just about 5 acres of man-made islands) have increased the area to 2000, and US flights over the islands are regularly cautioned to go away.

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China recognizes these man-made islands as part of China and their sovereign territory.


Press reporters were taken on board a US surveillance flight over the islands and it was clear to all that China considered the aircraft an intruder, and repeatedly asked the US crew to go away. The attack on Pearl Harbor is history, but history is again in the making as China flexes its muscles in the Pacific and South China Sea, and confronts the USA. Donald has a problem on his hands.