I am sick and tired of accommodating to people's needs. I remember one time in college that I was saying a comment about an author or a piece of history and some girl had to talk to the professor after class that I was offending her. I was told the next day to either choose my words carefully or do not speak at all.

To be honest, my first experience with someone who was sensitive about my choice of words or comment on a subject was actually the last straw in dealing with other #Millennials my own age. People who are sensitive to reality and have never had experience in learning how to deal with bullies or other people's comments, how derogatory or 'offensive' they may be, are not going to survive the real world.

If you have a #Sensitivity issue and are 'triggered' by comments you deem offensive or inappropriate to hear, then you are most likely going to end up staying with your mother than you will be living on your own.

'Special snowflakes'

In an article from The Atlantic, author Greg Lukianoff and his co-author had a really important quote that I remember. Millennials today are getting special treatment and sometimes the parents urge the teacher to treat their child different from the other students, this is what Greg said is considered a "special snowflake." It can even go as far as to say those children who were raised in the comforts of their own home and had home-schooling as a child, often do not have any experience working with people or learning how to confront people in situations.

Take for example a child who was home schooled and goes to a public school based on their desire to do so.

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While at this school, there is a bully who often picks on the child and then child does not know how to confront the bully. The parent could send the child to another school, or continue the home schooling, but it does not erode the situation that the child was not given; which is interactive and interpersonal experience in handling people with different views or standing up against people who are bullies and narcissists. An article from Psychology Today says that going to college now is a joke. It has become a mental health facility more than an institute for learning. Learning now is all about how to choose your words before you say and opinion, and do not receive a quality comment from your professor on your reflection to the subject.

Enough with sensitivity

While some people go to college, they have to ensure that their professor tells them about any material that could be considered uncomfortable to hear or read for a class. 'Trigger warnings' are those small words or comments that someone says about a particular topic and someone with sensitivity takes it as a comment against their own beliefs or values.

As TIME's article puts into perspective, if someone insults you or says something that offends you, fight back or ignore it, do not call the cops or tell a professor that the students needs to learn how to stay in line. If you don't have a backbone to stand up to a comment or an opinion, then what good is it to run and hide? #Specialsnowflakes