President-elect Donald Trump says Rex #Tillerson is the next Secretary of State. All right. So, who is this person? What can we possibly expect from #Tillerson? Obviously, nobody knows for sure what will happen if this man is confirmed and made the next U.S. secretary of state, but we can certainly come up with ideas based on his past and background.

Tillerson, like Trump, is a man who's not a career politician.

Far from it, in fact. Like Trump, Tillerson has never held public office; however, is a business executive who has run one of the biggest companies in the world. Exxon Mobil is the world's sixth largest company this year.

And similar to Trump, Tillerson seems to have somewhat warm feelings to Russian President Vladimir ##Putin.

Trump has said in the past that he would try to get along with Putin. He has said Putin is going a 'great job' in rebuilding #Russia and its image. He has said Putin may become his 'best friend' and the two were 'stablemates.' Gospodeen Putin has returned the favor, calling the American president-elect a 'talented person' and 'the absolute leader of the presidential race'.

Tillerson's ties to Russia are no secret either

Along with business deals Tillerson was involved in with Russia, Putin once awarded him the "Order of Friendship." It something given to foreigners who "strengthen peace, friendship, cooperation and mutual understanding between peoples." It's also given to people who make contributions to "large-scale" economic projects in Russia.

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People may see this as a positive vibe. It is entirely possible if Putin and Trump were to get along with each other, relations between the United States and the Russian Federation could prove to be good for both countries. Trump has stated that he believes the United States and Russia can work together to fight terrorism. And for all anybody knows, maybe Tillerson as secretary of state could work with Putin to bring more positive diplomatic ties between Russia and the West.

It's not impossible. However, Putin has shown plenty of aggression in the past several years, making him not the most trustworthy of world leaders to American and Western eyes. Russias recent actions in Ukraine, the Baltic, and Syria should raise serious concerns about what Putin intends to do in the future. Some have speculated that the Russian president is trying to rebuild his country as a world superpower, which would be a disaster for the United States and the rest of the West.

Many critics have come out about Tillerson's ties to the Russian government.

Multiple critics of President Barack Obama have rightly condemned his lack of action against Putin's aggression.

Much of this criticism seems to be coming from the political right in the United States, which is amazing considering the new development regarding Trump's choice for secretary of state. In order to officially put Tillerson in that position, Trump must have him confirmed by the Senate. Some Republican senators have already voiced concerns about that, and it wouldn't take too many GOP senators to keep Tillerson from getting that position.

Only Time Will Tell

Will Donald Trump pursue a foreign policy with Russia that will be more negative than positive for the United States? Will Rex Tillerson show weak diplomacy toward an aggressive Vladimir Putin? Is the Senate even going to confirm Tillerson as secretary of state? Only time will tell on any of this, but one thing is currently observable. If so many on the right criticized Obama for being weak on Putin, they should have concerns about Tillerson. GOP senators who blasted our current president for his stance on dealing with Russia should vote consistently when deciding on Rex Tillerson for secretary of state.