Santa Claus will be making his way around the world in less than a month, bringing smiles to millions of children along the way. Known by different names in different countries, the white-haired jovial figure will be featured in advertising, greeting cards, pictures, and children’s minds. Reindeer, elves, snow, and toys add to the story of what we tell children generation after generation.

Excitement builds for what seems like eternity to most children as Thanksgiving changes into the Christmas season. The stores are full of "I want that" items, and children will usually pay an "I’ll be good" ransom for even the chance of getting one from Santa.

Christmas morning is an adrenaline rush for waking children rushing to see if whatever it was has been delivered under the Christmas tree.

Some question Santa

Now, some have questioned whether by doing so we are damaging adults when they are children. Children are young and innocent for a reason. It isn't that the world is so tough on people that believed in Santa Claus, it is those people themselves (along with the other so-called grown-ups in the world) that do the damage.

The world is not really a tough place, to the contrary it is a wonderful, living, breathing thing that we inhabit. The people, however, are not all wonderful, they will steal your honey, your money, your life, and do it all without remorse.

We also push ourselves to meet someone else's standards -- so much so that we forget to live along the way. Some people are reclusive for a reason, seldom do you run across bad people when you are a recluse.

Let children be children

Santa Claus should be exciting for a child, and every child should have a Santa to visit them on Christmas morning, many don’t.

People in general have become so wound up with living to work, that they have forgotten to work to live. Life should be engulfing, but work should not. Damaged adults are not the result of believing in Santa Claus as a child.

For now, turn off the news, the computer, your phone, and just enjoy watching your child believe in Santa Claus.

Let children be children with smiles filling each face, and every room filled with laughter. Keep them believing just as long as you can, because when they stop believing it leaves a void. That void is then filled with new hopes that will drive them rest of their lives, leaving innocence and acceptance behind.

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