The recent rumors of Russia hacking into American systems to tilt the outcome of the American presidential election have refused to go away as political forces intensify their campaign against #Russia and #Donald Trump. Outgoing President, Barrack Obama is also not letting go by promising action against Russia.

What is being reported about Russian Hacking

NBC News reported that Vladimir Putin personally directed elements of the Russian hack into the US election as part of a "vendetta" against defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Intelligence officials also have reportedly said they have a "high level of confidence" that the Russian president took control of how material stolen from the Democratic Party would be leaked.

It is said that there was no way the hack could have succeeded without the approval and consent of the Russian president.

The CIA also commented and their assessment was that Russia indeed intervened in the election in order to help Donald Trump whom they hoped will be friendlier to the Russian State.

In this Russian hacking hullaballoo, one party is the ultimate winner - Russia!

Russia in recent years under President Vladimir Putin have been determined to bring Russia back from the rubble to a world power status. They have flexed muscles and shown military might in Syria. This press outcry about Russia hacking of American Systems does the west no good in their cause to demonize Russia.

The great United States of America just had their Democratic Party systems breached to influence the outcome of the Presidential Election.

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The eventual victory of Donald Trump who appears to be friendlier to President Putin and looking forward to easing tensions with Moscow is at the height of Russia power, might and influence. A message being passed across to Nations worldwide is that Russia is worthy of a world power status.

Putin had on many occasions questioned the US over attempts to undermine him in Moscow and their continued effort to export Democracy and topple foreign governments. If the hacking allegations of Russia are anywhere true, President Putin has not only successfully hacked into America Systems and changed the outcome of the Presidential Election but he has also succeeded in using the American media to propagate Russia might and advance his cause for respect and recognition.

The Russian President has proven to the world why Russia should be consulted on international matters. The US by their foreign policy failures in recent years left a void that Russia filled and excelled in especially in the Middle East. The United States Democratic Party have just testified to why Russia deserves respect and recognition as a world power. President Putin just decided the future of the most powerful Country on planet earth. He picked the next President of the United States of America. #Election 2016