President #Obama has authorized the deployment of the USS George Bush against #ISIS. Obama is coming to the end of his term and Donald Trump will take over in January 2017. Donald and many Republicans have been articulating that Obama was soft on terror and one of the reasons ISIS advanced was his failure to pinpoint the terror attacks as the handiwork of Muslim militants. He was strangely shy to use the word "Muslim." This could be the reason that at the end of his tenure he has authorized the deployment of the supercarrier of the US navy, George Bush. The aircraft carrier will sail to the Eastern Mediterranean and attack ISIS targets to facilitate the capture of Mosul by the Iraqi government army.

Earlier stint

The USS George Bush last operated against ISIS in 2014. It started the bombardment of ISIS militia on August 8th, 2014. That bombing was perhaps not effective, as ISIS spread all around and captured large tracts of territory in Iraq and Syria. The ISIS leader Al- Baghdadi even proclaimed a Caliphate. At that time even Baghdad was threatened.

The aircraft carrier for some inexplicable reason was withdrawn. But the incompetence of the Iraqi army and the realization that the Iraqi's on their own could never defeat ISIS may have led to a change. The US has put 5,000 advisors on the ground and started a systematic bombing of ISIS positions. The USS Bush will now take part in this bombing. The crew and technical personnel are now training for combat duties as the carrier gets ready to bomb, and help the Iraqi army.

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Helping the government forces

The Iraqi government army started the assault on Mosul in October, but has made slow progress. They have not been able to capture the city -- despite support from US advisors on the ground, and air bombing by the US navy. The George Bush displaces 97,000 tons and carries 65 war planes. It is a lethal weapon system. Obama has now authorized its use in the campaign to capture Mosul.

Donald Trump will inherit the war, and one will have to wait and see what he's going to do with an incompetent Iraqi army as an ally.